New update 1.2.1 is live: major balance changes


In this release, we’ve added some additional eye candy for the environments and further improved the performance of the game. We’ve also been continuously gathering data and feedback about the game balance, and we’re dedicated to improving it even more.

We’re looking forward to your feedback. Thank you again for your continued support and see you in-game!


  • XP bonus on first win of the day
  • Forest level polish

Balance changes:

Archer Minion

We noticed Archers are right now slightly behind Swordsman and Brawler, both in terms of usage and performance. This change should make them more appealing and allow some new strategies:

Archers attack speed 0.66 → 0.75 attacks/second


We are happy to see that our changes shifted metagame to bring more variety in an Ameryl deck.
For low levels, Ameryl is still slightly overpowered, and her special ability pauses the game for a bit too long.

  • Ameryl’s special ability changed. Stun duration 3 → 2 seconds
  • Saving Grace: Added “remove enemy effects on friendly unit”. Mana cost 2 → 4
  • Cleanse: Now can be cast on enemy units only to prevent occasional miscasts.
  • Holy Spear: Mana cost 4 → 3

Ruul’s spells

We improved some underperforming spells for Ruul.

  • Overload: Mana cost 5 → 4
  • Flaming weapon: Duration 8 → 10
  • Scorching Ray: Damage 80 → 100
  • Fire Crush: Mana 4 → 3


  • Mordrake’s special ability changed. Time before grave disappears: 30 → 20 seconds
  • Wall of Pain: Size reduced to prevent both lanes from being covered by precise placement.
  • Sacrifice: 130% of damage → 100% of damage
  • Link: Duration 8 → 7 seconds
  • Possession: Duration 15 → 12 seconds
  • Soul Harvest: Damage 200% → 150%
  • Leech: Duration 10 seconds → 8 seconds
  • Abomination: Mana cost 8 → 7
  • Skeleton Minion: Health 50 → 70


Exciting stuff, I welcome the majority of the balance changes. Soul Harvest change feels slightly overdone, and I’m not sure how much I like the Healing Grace/Cleanse changes but most of it is spot on.

I also think the archer buff will benefit Ruul and Ameryl, which is good.

It’s difficult to asses how the Ameryl vs Mordrake matchup will look after the cleanse/healing grace offensive/defensive dispel division. Ameryl can now dispel even more, especially versus players that use both buffs and debuffs. For example, now you can dispel link (and Ruul’s chain!) with Healing Grace and still have Cleanse up for Possession/Leech. Healing Grace might be a bit too strong now.

Btw, I can’t seem to be able to scroll through the leaderboards nor click on any of the names anymore. Playing from an iPhone 6s+. ( edit: seems to be fixed now, will notify you if it happens again )

edit: I feel like Sacrifice might have been nerfed a bit much - > you can’t blow up tanks with your tank anymore, not even on full hp ( without a considerable card level/ resistance advantage) . At least not without the Wall of Pain. But maybe that’s a good thing, we’ll see !

The new visuals look amazing, I love it! They do make me a bit dizzy since everything feels more spatial, but I’m sure I’ll get used to that over time. The contrast of shadows feels slightly over-the top as well.


I’ve just fought a top Mordrake player and won with Ameryl. This match up looks extremely balanced and fair. The saving grace has been buffed in my opinion and now that it’s costs 4 it is a lot less over powered. I agree 100% with the change to graving grace. It also means that Mordrake can’t just through out buffs to his minions willy nilly. The sacrifice is absolutely fine now and with the added nerf to soul havest means Ameryl can actually play her game instead of just being acid pool locked and then soul.havested for the kill. Holy spear is actually worth taking in now , although it’s not an aoe it is still decent. Mordrakes will have to play more intelligently now which I welcome. I’ve got a feeling that it might be ruuls turn to be king . I’m not saying he is cause the patch is so new but things are about to get fired up in this game. Awesome update.


I would like to see old Undead Army for Mordrake :slight_smile: … patch is cool… one more thing, when opponent use Immortality Shield, the unit cant be killed with Soul Fissure,like its a psychical dmg…


Lost almost all games in new update. All good since now all spellcaster can beat me not only dead one :slight_smile: sacrifice is downed.
Can we talk about spell resistance? And possibility of decrease…-50% is quite reduction :sunny:


Amazing eye candy, feels like a brand new game. Will post more once I’ve dug down into the game later.

Keep up the great work guys and girls.

After playing a few days I can differently say the balance is as close as ever. I can see any one Caster over another being overpowered. It now comes down to which spells you use and what type of minions you play.

Archers are now useful :+1:. Also my games are lasting longer as I see this play put it means you have to think more about strategy then clicking and pointing.


14% strenght boost for archer is great. Made him more useful in tank push strategy. Now basic speed up spell is back in action.
Expect massive abuse of archers :blush:
Arrow is cheaper noting much.
Sacrifice is as is. Kills all but tanks. Again my mistake for demanding it striped. Better “pimp other casters ride”.
Arena redesign is great.
Along with spell resistance decrease is possible to customise minions to suit them along with spellcaster. Ariel cards make them look more like angels, ruul more like devils and mordrake like undead captain jack sparrow :wink:
Just talking about…


One more thing you didn’t mention : The Starter Pack.


We’ve just released our hotfix for the leaderboards bug. You’ll be able to download the new version right away.


Just got it, leaderboard is indeed fixed, sweet.


Screenshot malvolio please. Cant spot any diffeerence.
Any more visual introsuction in future updates? Example additional buton just like for spellcaster story. Comic like to explain what is what in menus and ingame…will write more as i get ideas :slight_smile:


What do you think about canceling chest opening? Cancel could just reset some chest to begining, doesn’t need to resume where it’s stopped.

By mistake (wasn’t thinking) I started opening 20 hours chest instead of 8, and now I need to wait 20 hours -.-’


I’ve lost pretty all my games to Ruul (playing as Ameryl OR Mordrake) since last update, sometimes to ridiculously low levels (like, 7 levels under me) what am I doing wrong?


It is hard to give you advice, unless we see how you play :slight_smile:
But some general guide lines:

  • Do not make archers against Ruul(I would suggest only fat minions)
  • Do not place all your spawns on one side
  • Place spawns to go few seconds from each other so it is harder to get hit with aoe spell (example place 1st spawn at 30sec in game)
  • Play few games with Ruul to see his strengths and weaknesses


Oh, thank you!

Archers might be my problem… :slight_smile:


Good balance, all bosses too strong!