New update 1.2.0


We continue to listen to your feedback. As a result, we have revamped our chests and keys system to let you spend more time progressing through the game by removing the key system and trashing “loss-chests.”

Chest changes:

A reworked Chests system where we’ve removed the keys and have switched to a time-based system. Chests can now be opened after a certain amount of time depending on the chest type:

  • Fine Chest - 1h
  • Artisan Chest - Now guarantees rare spell - 8h
  • Deluxe Chest - Now guarantees epic spell - 20h
  • Tutorial Chest - Instant

Additional changes:

  • XP is not tied to opening chests anymore. XP will be granted right after battle.
  • Every battle earns XP. Victory grants considerably more than a loss.
  • Because of levelling changes, we will grant all existing players a one-time level up.
  • No more chests after defeats, as the majority of the community has perceived them to be punishing.
  • Changed the VIP feature. Instead of unlocking 3 new key slots, the VIP package will enable you to speed up chest opening time by 50%.
  • The cost of spell upgrades has been significantly decreased.

Unlocking Spellcasters

  • Ruul will be unlocked at level 3.
  • Mordrake can now be unlocked at level 5.


There is no need for me to go in depth. I LOVE THIS NEW UPDATE!!! # Spellsouls


Great Great Update ! im loving it -


Excellent work once again, great update guys and girls.

I’d like to add that the xp no longer being tied to the chest, is a stroke of brilliance I feel like I’m no longer slogging thru without any hope of reaching the higher levels.


VIP package is the real gem here.

If you are free to play collect crystals until you have at least 200 for 3 days VIP.

Great patch,

Cheers Dulac


Do fix: once miinion gets stuck behind spellcaster he cannot return to battlefield. Neither enemies attacked him. Happened to me few days ago. He was stucked from the left side of SC.