New Event: The Illusionist Challenge


Hey Summoners,

We’ve just introduced the Illusionist Challenge to sink your teeth in. A Legendary card awaits you at the end but first, you’ll need to win 14 battles. For more information, look in-game!

Will you conquer or be conquered?

See you in battle!


14 wins, 2 defeats. second defeat at 7:2 so i needed to look over my shoulder for rest of game but came :1st_place_medal: :100:


Is there a certain level required for the chalange ?



You need to be in Arena 2 or higher to participate! So get battling :slight_smile:


Hi is there a notification or something, ike the victory chest? I’m arena lvl 3.


when event is active (actually day? before event) there is a button and counter at bottom right corner. when no event, like now, there is nothing.


Hey Summoners! You will have another chance to join this challenge since we will be rolling it out again pretty soon! So check the game regularly and start practicing!


Just apply usada rulz and all be fine :wink:


Just apply usada rulz and all be fine