New connection issue


today i cant connect at all. the game loads up showing that i have chests ready to unlock but the immediately the connecting popup appears, followed immediatelu by the disconnected popup and the boot process repeats.

Note: this started working for me after a while, though sounds like Drags is getting this now.


Yep non stop if I’m quick I can hit community button and update post to get here but I gotta be fast.


just tried it again now. still working ok for me, but was getting it for 30mins or so this morning.


Still no go


Any fix in sight? Can’t connect


Still not working


Getting game notifications Buñuel that’s it


I’d keep trying to kill the app and reload it coz its working ok for me atm, so seems the servers are up ok.


3hr 41min before we get the guild chest open.


I can’t get in lol


Occasionally I get in click chest and freezes on chest still can’t access game


happening to me again now.


I got in for enough time to open a chest and request cards that’s it


Guild chest probably open now not that I can get in game


Luckily we weren’t struggling to finish chest lol still can’t get on game


Browse for antivirus software and stop using phone for that stuff :slight_smile: trolololo and yet your connection worked fine when you hammered me under 4 minutes…


Lol are you having any problems yourself? Still say you should of been in this guild


well i cant get in to claim the guild chest. been trying for 30mins


its only 12am in serbia. hopefully the team are looking into the issue now…


Same have not been able to get on at all today once for 5 mins but nothing else