Necromancer Challenge


Hey Summoners,

Quick question for you guys: how would you feel if all of the people you disliked turned into little useless skeletons? I can’t hear you but i’m sure that’s a resounding YES PLEASE YES!

Well now is your chance! We’re kicking off the Necromancer Challenge starting this Friday and lasting throughout the weekend. This dark sorcerer is a great counter to that annoying enemy who summons wave after wave of strong minions in quick succession. Play this guy and watch as they tremble with fear to Necromancer’s fancy and luxurious robes. We swear it’s fashionable and it’s not just because he’s too lazy to change when he wakes up. Win 12 battles and this bony looking guy is all yours.

For those of you who already have Necromancer, I’m sure some duplicates wouldn’t hurt :wink:

Make sure you share your favourite Necromancer combos in the comments below!

Go kick some butt!

-the Spellsouls team






Not a single win was easy. :1st_place_medal: Lesson from last event is go tactical. :100: Level or two weaker cards require different approach. No scarab in deck :frowning:


no looses
clean victory


I have ben in areana5 for 2weeks and never got any of areana4-5 epic card at all what should i do lol


Keep on fighting.


My impressions are really bad … I faced more bots with over powered cards this is not good at all for game in a long run