My thoughts on this game


Hello everyone
beware my english is not the best
since we got that covered and u been warned lets start
i liked a game it runs smoothly its fun looks good and is interesting while u are playing.
Bug outside of the actual playing part is where i see there are problems.
When u win game and if u have empty slot for chest it doesnt feel rewarding as much as it feels like pressure on you for that game to perform the best of your abilities since if u lose there is HUGE draw back i will quote one of my friends who told me when he lost “you just shit on 3h of my life”. Now i can see a that this will drive a lot of ppl off from playing since its too stressfull and not any more huge dopamine burst that will hook us to open more chests and play more games and eventualy put some money in. Now i dont wanna bitch only so lets see possible solutions:
1st its lacking content outside of ranked battle if some extra content is added diferent rewards we get from chest can be spread on diferent content
2 maybe just give less exp per opened chest but no matter the outcome getting smallest chest is probably punishing enough and we still want more skill players to have better rewards or everyone would just lose to lvl up

Now CHESTS i liked orbs a lot that were in previous versions, now i know everyone relates to chests as rewards but most of those games have diferent classes so some get weapons some armor some magic. here we have 1 class a spellcaster so i think orbs were much more unique and u dont have problems that other games would have if they changed from where u get rewards since u dont pull out items but magic and maybe few cristals and coins here and there.
If game doesnt add more content in regards more stuff to play besides ranked or training maybe add the option of deliting chests that u got so u can let ppl play more and for them to feel more rewarding and that could be 3rd way to make loss ingame less stressfull since u wil for ex in 5 games be able to delete that chest and play again for new one.
Rewards in chests maybe for 1st 5 or 10 lvls u get spells that are in that lvl area like u do now but i think it would be good to let everyone to be able to get any card not only ones they unlocked. now problem with that is it feels less like progress and more like grind. but this way u dont have stale games with everyone with all the same decks they all got same cards it would be a lot more fun maybe bit frustraiting that u dont have certan card but u can buy cards everyday to make up for that. and u promote ppl to pay more to the game and promote a lot more ppl to pay smaller sums of money cos it will be worth somehting, as it is now in 5 lvls spells u got are usless mostly and no1 cares wont help you much. but if u focus only on big spenders then this way of getting cards is the right choise i think cos they will after every lvl want to get more and more.

Ranking and i dont know how it exactly works but from playing some amount of games i didnt find a pattern of how it wors sometimes u lose few games rank stays the same u win few games no change sometimes it changes right away. but that doesnt feel good as player i want to know how my progress is going in real time maybe showing raiting that we have after each game is not good for some reason but i think its important to update ranking it would be 1 more thing to push ppl to play more.

Now lets talk bout important stuff that we will spend the most of time on
1st i would like to address charge mechanics and i heard it was implemented so games would drag too much but it is not the fun mechanics since there is not as much interactions with it sure u can stun 1-2 minions or bunch of em with aoe but u are forced to do that or u take face dmg and forcing u to do stuff is not fun u are not chosing to do what u want since eather u stun or die and not a lot of ppl want to lose. Maybe it can be done that it is not needed to for a minion to be attaced to charge but for it to be close to the minion near by that is not unable to perform its role (attack heal…maybe something else i havent seen) so just incise radius of does minion charge or not.
Marksmans spirit i dont think it is eather good or fun for it to when used on mele character and give him ability to out range the tower or the main caster again at the time it is not enough to use it at start and for it to kill a 1st minion and tower but as time goes on and if there is no lvl cap on spells there will be time when it will last long enough to do both things thats OP. but on the other hand even if u do stun the minion with it u dont deny advantage that hes got u are where he wants u probably under tower or on middle and that minion wont go near your tower and it costs only 2 mana. ok to be fair i used it in some games and it seems not as good in mid and lategame but potencial of it is just wicked.
Soul fisure now this crad is best opening card it costs 6 mana it is on high end but no other card can compare to what it does it pushes all enemies forward to your tower and it can be used to split enemies if needed later on in the game it does good dmg and it usefulness doesnt drop off as game progresses and unlike marksmens spirit drops off later on in the game this only gets better ok it costs more but does so much and is both best earlygame card best opening card and real good lategame card. and u have to spend at least 2 cards to get even when u are agenst it that is not problem since decks are not limited to set number of cards but then u have to spend more mana

Rage so i dont leave out ruul so it gives more attack speed then haste but it doesnt give movement speed and it takes 25% of curent hp of minions u cast that on. now those are draw back lets look at benefits u spend 1 less mana can be used on multiple units it is again forcing u to deal with creeps right away that its not fun and even if u do stun or dmg them u will most likely not kill them and they will rampage hard. Now adding the more dmg taken from those minions affected from buff instead of - 25% of hp or lower the amount. in that way when u interact with it if feels like what u do has bigger impact and makes it more fun without nerfing it at all. but incising that dmg taken to higher amount would make it more balanced. Minions on low hp would die anyway from 1 aoe so in most cases it would matter but again its frustraiting that u stun for ex 2 minions on your tower your minion aproaches and attacks one and the other one kills tower now u spend more mana and 1 minion to lose tower doesnt feel like fair trade and that is spell that can benefit both lanes of field.
Healer in the middle of the map makes it not fun to interact with cos if dont have 2 singletarget spells u have to use aoe spell and then u cant hit anything else but healer cos hes in middle and it would be a waste of a spell and would make you to spend more mana then healer costs and u have to deal with it or it will have posibly infinite value. and 1 more thing i noticed maybe i am wrong on this part cant test vs healer that good not a lot of ppl got him. when there is your minion next to healer he will switch target from him to the unit attacking him
now this can be fixed to put healer on lane or let creeps maybe charge at him or just give him bigger agro then other units cos we all know u have to get HEALER 1st :smiley:

And i dont like when info about games are hidden to how certain mechanics work for ex inferno for ignite it says that it gives 15% dmg over 5 sec but based of what dmg of spell that deals ignite what about if its minion maybe its dmg or its based on max hp but stuff that is ignited seems to die real fast how much do they stack do they increase dmg taken from other sources of dmg things like that

its late so lets end here…dont be hard on me :smiley:


Adding campeign to the game would be awesome. This will add more dynamic to the game and make some players less stressful playing ranked all the time. But of course add heroic difficulty for hardcore players. Que times at highe ranks tends to be slow, adding another platform to earn gold can help out reaching daily cap.


Thanks for the extensive feedback there! Rest assured that we’re reading all of your feedback and will have it in mind when designing new features.


yeah, some sort of single player gameplay would be great. My hand is still shaking from the last couple of games.
If there was some way to chill out on AI for a little while, that would be so nice.

Even if PRACTICE mode had some settings and rewards, that would be something…
At the moment, the AI is too easy to be able to test if certain strategies would work against a decent player. Also I think they have low spell resistance and low spell cards.

still loving the game though. Probably coz I’m 9 on the leaderboard this morning :slight_smile:
I’m too scared to play the other casters now because I’ll lose leaderboard ranking if I lose a game.


I know the feeling - we’ve been looking into it, but still haven’t figured out the best way to move forward though…

BUT, we’ll add something interesting for you pretty soon - which shall make duelling against friends and otherplayers easier. Hopefully that shall fill that gap for a while.