My suggestions to improve the game overall


Hi there, my IGN is xMorog and I’m currently the top 27 player!

To start off I wanna say I’m pretty happy with the way the game is atm, so please don’t go write comments like “if you’re unhappy just stop playing” or anything like that, when really I’m open for discussion. Now without further ado, lets start the suggestions.

#1st suggestion: Detailed and reliable information on the classes’s special power.

When I first started out I was so confused on what the classes’s powers actually did, especially Mordrake’s power and I actually spent a lot of time looking for the details of these classes, going as far as to actually look for this game’s website, but ended up empty-handed and kind of had to figure it out based on in-game experiences and the tips during queue.

To solve this I think the details should either be in the deck creation tab, the profile tab or the home screen. Not only can we add the details on the special powers, but adding the general playstyle, personal lore or pros and cons of the classes would be pretty nice aswell.

#2nd suggestion: Seperate EXP and rank
Now, I’m not sure how rank is defined, right now I’m kind of guessing it’s from the EXP you gain from the chests, but doesn’t that really mean that the one spending the most money to get keys and plays matches at an absurd rate simply reaches the highest rank?

This seems to be the case as far as I understand, which is dissapointing since rank is generally a measure of skill. I think EXP and rank should be 2 seperate things.

#3rd suggestion: Communicating with your opponent
I believe this feature is not in your game because it’s a strategic game and it might be distracting or tilt players to have their enemy BM during the game, but as a lover of games I just can’t get used to that void of starting a game without being able to tell my opponent good luck even though there isn’t much else to do because of the nature of the game

To battle the problem with BMers you could simply limit the communication to a fixed “good luck/have fun/thanks” message at the start of the game or simply removing aa player’s rights to chat when they get enough legit reports.

#4th suggestion: Replays/Spectator mode.
As gamers we often make mistakes in the heat of the moment that we can’t recall, or we fail to recognize a moment we could potentially end the game.

As this game is easy to pick up but a bit tougher to master I believe adding the replays feature or spectator mode will drastically increase the learning curve for those who regularly make use of this feature and the spectator mode makes for an easy way to have players mentor other players in the community.

(Huge shoutout to Malvolio for this suggestion)

#5th suggestion: Give all classes unique minions.
This one isn’t really an “improvement” on the game, but more of a personal concept.

Even tho I’m a Ruul main, I like to swap over to other classes every once in a while and I just can’t help but admire the Healer minion of the Divine class. I also think it’s pretty interesting you guys decided to make the healer a spell instead of another option on the summoning rune, which makes it unpredictable.

I just love how this class has its very own, special minion in the form of a spell, and it makes the class is a bit more unique. The reason adding one to each class wouldn’t really improve the game is because the spells and special powers already divide the classes well enough, they’re already unique, so it isn’t really necessary to make the classes unique by adding a spell in the form of a minion.

These are my suggestions, I’m open to discussion so ask me anything you want!

  1. Many rankings using various criteria damage, games played, won, most games played during day etc.
  2. Direct challenge between players
  3. Walk through minion - when i cast chains or flare opponents minions must pass around him to get me. Walking straight through him and attacking me is better for defence and after that he can move to get out of shade of stunned minion. Vice versa of course for mine minions.
  4. Chat or other way of communication. Acronyms are just fine such as GG GL etc or some little funny dudes emoticons adjusted :slight_smile:


I’ll piggy bank on your topic to just add that I’d personally really enjoy a replay feature. ( and perhaps a spectate friends one while you’re at it ) This game is mentally challenging, and I often make many more mistakes than I have the bandwidth to realize. Being able to carefully analyze what I did wrong after the game would allow me to improve quite a bit. Hoping it’s somewhere on the project roadmap :slight_smile:


I agree that this a great idea as well, definitely adding it to the list.

Luckily for me I often immediatly realize my mistakes when I see the results :joy: But the feature will still come in handy


Lucky you, I record most of my games and even after watching same match again I cannot find the moment where everything went downhill :slight_smile:


How do you record your matches ?


Most of the time its an app called “AirShou”, install it from site not regular app store.
It is rally easy to use, but you can pm me if you need any assistance.
Here is how it look and sound; with shameless promotion (my video :slight_smile: )

Edit: for some reason link was redirecting to undefined video sa I had to add it as hyperlink


Haha thank you very much, I will try it out! I don’t agree with your assessment that Summon Healer is overpowered though, strong players will solve it quickly, and it gets progressively weaker a play towards lategame. It’s a fine opening move though, if you get it.


I don’t think healer is good also, especially in later stages. I dont like to hard remove it, but rather let it die randomly to area spells or overextending. I feel like a big mistake people make is to overreact and blow mana inefficiently to kill it.


I’m pretty sure rank has nothing to do with level/XP. Rank is defined only from the points you get in the battle. The reason why highest rated players usually have the highest level, is just because they win more, because of which they open less of those loser’s chests which don’t give you XP.


Did any say rematch button? Since i find hard to play two games with same opponent in a roe. For example i beat malvolio last night by pinch difference. It could go both ways. Few hours ago I lost to chavox same margin.
I appreciate chance to have decent rematch.
Also with rematch button chance to switch spellcaster for rematch game will be great. My opp or I do not have to play with same spellcaster.

Also support for replay button so we can improve ourselves with that.


Please check if massive charge spell is annuled by stun spell casted in the same time or glintch after.


Matchmaking is set that you cannot play two times in a row against same player.
This of course is not true if 5+minutes passed after your last match.


I managed to log in from PC. Typing from phone is hard and slow.
That give me an amaizing ideas. Listen UP!

  1. NEW GENERAL SPELL CARDS, SLOW and SHRINK. just as haste and growth are good this two are. They are opposite of other two. Minion walks slower or gets weaker. Just from original general cards.
  2. FRIENDLY FIRE - when you open card/deck you can use switch on card which will tilt original settings. You will be able to target not only enemy minions but even yours. You can enable haste to work for opponent to or punish arrogance to kill all minions just like eruption of ruul. For most cards wil be useless but for some will change strategy. Ofcourse some cards will not have that option, like meteor strike. It will spice up strategy a little. Do argue this idea please.
  3. Boosting cards strength to equalize mordrakes deck - do not decrease his powers. just boost others :smiley:
  4. every spellcaster should have host arena - beside neutral original arena changing arena look is ok for me. picking host can be random…giving advantage to host arena is ok but must not be anything huge like third-fourth tower :stuck_out_tongue: 2%
  5. minion speed up creating minions takes 20 secs or something. ability to decrease it for 1-5% or boosting it for 10-30 seconds is only raw suggestion. i have no idea where this might fire.
  6. spellcater mana recovery speed up - same as previous. raw suggestion, no idea where can strike debate. No idea how will influence game. If given evenly to both competitors or only to one…just raw suggestion as is.


These are only suggestions and im certain that not many of you will like my ideas but here they are.

  1. Remove the ability to see other people’s decks. This would make other people get more creative with their own deck instead of just looking at what top 20 are using.

  2. Very controversial. You should be able to select your first hand and what order your cards come in. Instead of the on the spot make a strategy, I believe this would add a lot more strategy into the game. It’s very frustrating when you put cards in your deck that you need first and they come last. You could come up with a lot more ways to play the game if this was added. Then we would see who’s strategy is the best instead of it just being LUCK of the first set of card draw. I feel like every spell caster would benefit from this and it makes for a more straight forward game. The random cards at the start is cool and makes you think quickly but I feel it makes some decks hard to implement.

  3. The ability to choose how many cards in your deck. Maybe 9-12 or some number like that. I think this would not unbalance the game. If you choose to have 12 in your deck then you have a lot of cards but get to use your most powerful ones less often. If you choose 8 then you use your powerful ones very often but can be stuck in bad situations if you are lacking certain types of cards because you would rather your powerful ones very frequently.

  4. Being able to choose what minions you get on each summoning rune. Others have suggested this and I think it’s a good idea. I feel like creating certain minions against certain spellcasters are a bad idea. Archers against Ruul in my experience is a bad idea. If you had ten seconds before a Match to select your first minions it would be awesome.

  5. Other controversial idea. The removal of spell resistance. I really don’t like spell resistance. Since everyone has a different level of it means you never know how strong your spell actually is. There also seems to be spells that are affected by spell resistance a lot more than other spells which is kinda unfair. I would rather every spell in the game be nerfed than have unreliable information on my cards. I think it makes the game easier to understand if the card does EXACTLY what it says it does than having contradictory information from card to in game effect. If you have low levels in mind and your argument is this would be unfair on them if they are matched with a high level because the high level seems spells would should be toned down. Then my argument would be that they should not be matched in the first place. Being matched with opponent that are 5 levels ahead of you should not be happening. I’m max level and I’ve been matched with a level 5 and it was not a satisfying win.

Just my opinion. I’ve thought it out quite deeply. I do think these could improve the game.


Here I am again. Put everyone into coma and now I can be creative. It is holiday so i do not expect gods to review this until Friday :smiley: and their hangover fades away.
Sunlight gave pretty good ideas about deck. I dissagree about decreasing deck size and repeating few cards. Choosing which card comes when is ok, but deck must remain thge same size for all :stuck_out_tongue:
My suggestion is again about STATS. When opponent is on screen show some mutual stats, matches played matches won\lost. Just like in regular sport, such as basketball. When two teams play against each other. Thatis pre game stats.
Before game or stats for every head to head player. Being able to search opponents and to see mutual stats and separate stats. Such as how many times we playe, who is on winning streak, damage dealt, match lenght.
ACHIEVEMENTS: winning or loosing some medals must be won. looser of the day or winwe of the day. I loose to +6-10 level weaker player. That deserves a medal :smiley: something like achievemnt page every account in game should have. winning streak +3-30 medal. damage high dealt or received…medal. most beloved opponent because of win\loose ratio, hated opponent because of the same reasons.
Next is spell resistance: in my opinion it is set too damn high(add meme :smiley: ) and it should be lower.
As i counted(yep I did math stuff) we have 27 common spells (41% of total 66 spells) 20 rare-30% and 19 EPIC or 29%. Resistance is set on 50-60%. We can talk about this part. In my opinion it should be linear with 100% limit set on 30 level of each spell. So you reach L30 of each of 66 spells you get 100% spell resistance from other players :smiley:
EPIC ones should give 50% of total spell resistance, rare 40% and 10% common spells. Divide that by number of spells and levels needed and you will get math part. It should make game quicker.


Chest purchase Different chests with different cards are ok. Specialized chest is my suggestion. RUULS chest, ARIELS chest and MORDRAKES chest should be on market too. Overpriced so people do not abuse them :smiley: if regular chest is 100 units specialized chest should be at least 400 units.
Math part TEASER from above 66 spell-cards means 1.980 levels unlocked before 100% spell resistance is reached. You in average should gain 0,0505%of spell resistance…in reality more or less depnds on which spell you unlocked.

Since gods wrotte soon on L22 i expect numbers to change.

More arenas. Host and away. Ability to customize my own arena…put some stickers and stuff inside…paintins just like in Counter strike :smiley: trololo
minions customizations i have no idea how but it sohuld be more like selected spellcaster/ red devils for ruul more like knobweb with mordrake or flying angels with ariel…

tutorials on everything imaginable Game is not simple. It requires strategy, it demands use of logic. As player I must be able to go into tutorial page anytime i want and play tutorials on every aspect of game. Or read it. Some comic or short video animation on spell usage is great. Like do not use massive charge on stunned minions it WILL NOT WORK. Or something similar. We can come up with lot of suggestions on this topic if needed.


This is gold!
I was promoting same idea (statistics and achievements) at the start of the game, but I forgot about it along the way.
This is definitely something I would love to see.


Ariels Chest?


Stats against a particular player won’t mean a thing when the game becomes big, because there will be millions of players and a likelihood of playing a lot of games against the same player will be very low.

On the other hand I would like to see my stats, as a start win %, number of power wins, etc.