My general view on the game and tier list


Ok first of all I want to say that I love spell souls. It’s such a fun game.

A little about myself.
My average placing is around 35 on the leader board and I am an Ameryl main. I don’t use anybody else but I have tried them and I do understand the other spell casters.

Tier list

1st Ruul
2nd ameryl
3rd Mordrake

The reasoning

Ruul being the best spellcaster in this current meta ( 18th match) is because almost every single spell of his leads to some type of offence. Nearly all of them also ignite the enemy and when you have multiple stacks of this it leads to devastating effect that the enemy can do little about. I’m being totally serious when I ask this … what Is ruuls weakness. What does he lack? Who cares if he does not have stun spells or healing spells or spells that slow the opponent. He has the next step up in spells. All offence based. Why stun the opponents minion when you can just kill them ? My point is he has way too much destructive power and his spells aren’t really that costly in the mana department either. He has no risk of throwing any spell out because the opponent has no time to counter. Think of ameryl and mordrake. If mordrake uses leach, vamparism, or immortally shield. All of these spells can be countered with a wide variety of spells. ( cleanse, shackle , subvert magic or lightining) if ameryl uses marksmans spirit, blessed weapons, inspiring presence ) it can all be countered as well. But ruuls spells cannot be countered because they are either too quick or a spell that uses the environment ( scorching ray or infernal spikes)

Ameryl is second because she absolutely DESTROYS mordrake. Mordrake can do nothing against her because she has a lot of answers to mordrakes spells and ability. All you need to beat Mordrake with Ameryl is cleanse, judgement and mass resurrection. These 3 spells completely shut down what Mordrake wants to do. To keep it short. Cleanse beats vamparism, leech, immortality shield, abomination, plague, curse of undeath, and poison weapon. Judgement one shots his skeletons and heals your minions too. And mass resurrection stops the skeleton effect of his spells altogether. Combine this with stuns and mordrakes little and expensive defensive options and this is a difficult matchup. Ruul vs Mordrake I consider a reasonably balanced matchup but since Ameryl crushes Mordrake and Ruul is the king of Spellsouls means that Mordrake is the lowest by default.

All 3 spellcasters are NOT balanced in this state of the game.

I think all of them need various nerfs and buffs. ( nerf means to make worse and buff means to make better )

ruul buffs

Overload - 5 mana down to 4
Last charge - a speed increase
Scorching ray - higher damage

Ruuls nerfs

Subvert magic - 3 mana to 4. Starting damage is 20 % then increases by 40% for each buff.
Fireball - 4 mana to 5
Firegrip - deals no damage at all.
Meteor strike - a slower start up time. Maybe 3 seconds then the meteor hits.

Ameryl buffs

Solar flare - 4 mana down to 3
Summon healer- big changes needed here. A attack range increase, similar to marksman spirit range but a little less. A HP buff. Maybe 150 HP. And heal is 40 at level 2.
Holy spear - stun instead of push back. For 2 seconds.

Ameryl nerfs

Saving grace - remove the push back effect.
Rightoues smash - only stuns the targeted enemy and not nearby ones as well.
Marksmans spirit - mana from 2 to 3. The range increase shortened.

Mordrake buffs
Skeleton army - no longer needs the graves of fallen minion but summons 4 skeletons.
Plague - over 5 seconds not 10 seconds but requires 4 mana not 3.
Immortality shield - mana 5 down to 4
Restless souls - If any minion dies within the area it is turned into a friendly skeleton.

Mordrake nerfs

Sacrifice- only affects one enemy minion.
Vamparism - lasts 10 seconds instead of 16.
Leech- 3 minions max.
Soul harvest - mana increase 4 - 5

Thanks you for reading this long post.
If you are willing to argue any of these points then feel free but please keep it civil. I am also willing to give more justification regarding any of my points.


I feel like you jumped the gun here. We only have the patch up for a couple of weeks, and the solutions you suggest are overdone, and sometimes complicated. For example, limiting the number of minions an aoe spell can affect limits its potential power, and thus destroys the fantasy of getting that one amazing cast off, but more importantly, does so in an non-intuitive way, which will also bloat card text with more information, and make it less readable.


Thank you for the reply but I have to respectfully disagree. I’m not saying limiting the effects of all AOE spells but just the spells that I mentioned. I think you are referring to the sacrifice spell. For a game to be competitive it needs to have balance. I know prefect balance is near impossible but close to balance. Think about a situation. 1 full health brawler on your side and 2 or more full health minions on the other side. For a mere 3 mana I don’t think the opponent should get to kill 2 or more of my minions. My biggest problem with this is that you can’t counter it in any way on reaction. You could mass resurrect for example but you need to make a prediction. I’m not really talking about card text. I’m talking about gameplay. I only wish for balance and success for this game. Perhaps you could suggest a way to balance it if you think my suggestion was non intuitive. But at this stage I don’t think the "fantasy " of a brilliant cast really matters and is not a relevant point to the balance of the game. Thank you for the reply


I would agree with you to a point that all in mordrake game depends on a well placed sacrifice spell. With that said I feel like all other spells in your deck are buffers for that one or place holders. I do not think meta should be around one spell. (good counter for this is playing archers btw, but it wont guaranty a win of course)
As for balance top 3 places are Mordrake, Ruul and Ameryl (or at least it was like that till I got like 5 disconnects today:) ), that says a lot. Also I find it difficult to play against all classes (from ruul perspective) now, before patch Mordrake was free win. As for particular spells balance, I would leave that to professionals as they might know more than we can see (like future spells that are going to be introduced with new lvl etc.). Also me and friends from [POY] clan had a strong opinion about spell changes when new patch came out and it turned out we were wrong for the most part :slight_smile:
Anyway thx for the info I enjoyed reading it and I always find refreshing to see other ppl opinion!


Thanks Shane. I agree with you on the point that a spellcasters viability or meta should not be based on one spell ( sacrifice for Mordrake) . In my personal experience playing the game, the only spellcaster I struggle against is Ruul. I play only Ameryl and I can beat other Ameryl and Mordrake just fine. Yeah archers are great with dealing with aoe spelll. It’s why I started using them along with swordsman. I also wish you could advance quicker in this game. I’m currently rank 26. I can’t wait to hit top 10


Well I agree that Sacrifice is where a bit much of Mordrake’s power is - but it can be fine to have overpowered spells sometimes - as long as there is some counter-play available ( like making archers, or trying for a well timed Repel, for example ). But making so it affects only one enemy minion is not the way to change it. I would simply reduce its damage, so that it’s easier to prevent a full blowout by shaving a bit of hp off of that tank before he suicides - or maybe reducing the area a bit.

Sometimes spells are fun, well designed, and healthy, but they just do a bit too much or too little of that. Then they just need a bit of a number change, not very drastic changes. It feels to me as if most of Spellsouls cards are in this healthy area - with only a couple needing some number changes. When I think about an unhealthy spell, I’m thinking Possession versus Ruul, since he doesn’t have a dispel, and he has quite limited crowd control options - but I could easily be wrong there as well.


Yes I partly agree with you there. I don’t mind very powerful spells. I don’t think the sacrifice is overpowered but just very powerful. The only spell I have an actual problem with is subvert magic. Subvert magic = the new cleanse. I just wish that spell had its percentages altered a bit. So YES to very powerful spells. also YES to balance. #peace


Overload is great if not coubtered with stun or damage spell will be gamechanger. I just started ruul gameplay. Arxhangel is great but i did not have some spells until few days ago…epic ones.
For new changes and ups downs time is needed.
Instead of power play I suggest adding stats :slight_smile:
Ok, spear could be less pushy, and all spells could be 0.7sec quicker :wink:
Decks should be hidden, that is like our “know how”


Check ruul fireball. When thrown it misses tarfet eith it. It needs correction. Ball does not land on target. Deals damage anyway. Just saw it. In three matches same result


"Decks should be hidden " 100% AGREE!!! everybody probably just copies the top guys deck.


We are like ufc foghters :slight_smile: we do not show how and with what we train.
Watxhing matxhes should pass too. Like in starcraft.


I believe its time for an update.

This post will mainly focus on Ameyl because she is the spellcaster that I use the most. like 80% Ameryl.

So now that we have had some time with the new patch. I can firmly state that the power is relatively balanced. The fact that nobody struggles against anybody too much is a sign that the developers are aiming for true balance within the spell casters. If I am to share my opinion on who is king, its either Ruul or Ameryl.

I first like to share my opinion on Ameryl.

I believe Ameryl is the hardest to use. Her spells must be used Intelligently and carefully. Due to her lack of very powerful AOE attacks the Ameryl player must find other ways to outplay her opponent. This is not me being arrogant so please do not take it that way but I just find that the other spellcasters have an easier time implementing their own game. I like Ameryl not just because of her spells, visual looks and concept of an avenging sky angel. but her play style is so much fun. I love the creative freedom you get while playing her. She has a lot of diverse cards and a lot of different possibilities when creating a divine deck that can provide a rewarding strategy experience. Like the game states. Her game plan is healing and protection. I am absolutely impressed and ecstatic at how the developers have created her, regarding both her fundamental and creative aspects. the fact that every spellcaster has a different style of play is just astonishing. well done Nordeus.

I believe you should avoid these cards.

Saving Grace

I have changed my opinion on this spell. Before I said it was buffed. I think it was nerfed. The change to this spell is both a change to Cleanse and Saving Grace. However, I do not think saving grace is very good anymore. I have this opinion because its simply not worth its mana cost and it is not useful against many things. To get maximum use out of the spell you need to wait until your minion is low and the opponent has used something that is worth undoing. I personally think its best use is against Ruul when he uses his Fire Chain. however taking in a spell to counter one thing is a waste. You do not need this spell against Mordrake or another Ameryl. Stopping curse of undeath, plague, poison weapon, link or shakle, is not vital in order to beat mordrake.


This spell is near useless. and not worth 3 mana. this is exacerbated when you unlock mass charge and can have many minions charge for only 1 mana more. Not much more needs to be said here.

Summon Healer

I used to base my entire deck around this card until the new ones came out. The fact of the matter is, she gets killed too easily when facing players that know what theyre doing. She takes many subsequent cards to make formidable too, such as heroism, growth and inspiring presence. She does not upgrade in power very much as well when you level the card up which just adds to her lack of power. I do not think this card is very good.

Zone of Endurance

At very glance this cards looks like it would be good against Ruul due to his many AOE cards. however, this card just feels underwhelming for the 6 mana that you spend on it. The range and time you get to use this card is not very good. I have not seen any other Ameryl players using this so Im guessing they also feel the same.

Ameryl received a slight nerf to her special ability but this proved to be not as bad as I initially thought. The 3 second stun was fine but now that its 2 seconds it just means that it is a little bit worse. If it was reduced to 1 second then this would be overdoing it.

I believe that Amerly’s toughest matchup is Ruul. He has many spells that can deal heavy damage which is what you need to do against Ameryl. however the Ruul player still needs to make reads and predictions when fighting Ameryl. she has many tactical and sneaky ways around Ruuls cards. The Ruul player should aim to counter Ameryls offense and then go on the offensive himself when an opportunity arises.

I believe Ameryl’s best matchup is Mordrake but maybe thats cause I have lots of experience against him due to the last patch. The cleanse spell is vital for taking on mordrake as Ameryl. The Ameryl player needs decide what she wants to cleanse. My choice is usually his possession card or his vamparism now that leach is not as threatening. His feast of souls cards is also a powerful choice when combined with Hex of thrist or Vamparism, its strange that I do not see this combination often.

A card that I really admire is mordrakes Necrotic grasp. This card is very powerful but not overpowered. The mordrake needs to weaken a large group of enemies and then use the Necrotic grasp for the death kill to maximize the amount of mana that is gained from the card. if used well, the card almost pays for its which gives you an immediate cast of another spell of the players choice. this card is so cool and its power level is perfect IMO.

Speaking of mordrake. I think his best matchup is Ruul. Due to his possession and many life stealing cards its evident that the mordrake can counter what Ruul wants to do quite nicely.

There has been some debate on the other pages on the viability of Ruuls fire crush spell. After playing some great Ruul players that have been using this spell, I can confidently say that this spell is viable. however, in my experience, I have seen many people use it wrong. this spell should be waiting in the wings until the end of a fight. It does percentage based damage. " Sacrificing 20% of your spellcasters CURRENT health". this could only mean that the cost of using it goes down as Ruuls health decreases. If you Ruul player is low on health then it would be wise to use it if your oppenent is stacking multiple buffs on a single minion. Some players like to use Growth, haste and a buff that belongs to their spell caster on a single minion. Although it is easily countered, if you are not ready you might find yourself dead. I believe this is the purpose of this spell.

This current state of the game is the best its ever been, i will update this thread more as more things come to mind.
cheers. # Spellsouls


Sunlight, I disagree on RUUL’s fire crush. Too costly is to take 20% SC health. If used in first wave it can tilt later strategy of attack on any opponent. Take out swordsman and tower behind him in first 60 sec of battle and you have an advantage as RUUL. I doubt that 3 mana and 20% of SC health are worth it. -20% should be downed to 5% MAAAX, or 0%. Target is 1 unit, just like lightning, but cheaper and stronger :smiley: and since it is RUUL ill let it get away with that.
I do not use mordrake often so I suck in game with him. All spells are at least -40% lower stenght because of spell resistance.

  1. Changing spell resistance mechanics is my 5 cents along with more stats. Now i get to see 55-60% of cards strength. It should really be at least 85-95%.

  2. Stats make every game more interesting. I want to see my stats what to change what to copy.

  3. Hiding decks should be done too :stuck_out_tongue:

  4. DO’s and DON’Ts section-like tips and tricks. Which cards best suit, what not to use when attacked with that…game like this demands strategic thinking. short comic like story 2-3 pics like in a meme or video 10-15 sec log will do trick, and it wil help players improve tactic.

  5. hall of fame

  6. achievement page

  7. tribes/guilds/unions/comunes/alliances or smth like that, cal it however you want grouping players add new territory

  8. new arenas

  9. 2v2 or team arena

  10. BOUNTY button- when you loose you can put reward (coins/diamonds or both) to any player who first defeat that player

  11. REMATCH button :smiley: for same reasons to get score str8

  12. new cards such as shrink, slow, bribe


Hey Milan

Thanks for your feedback.

  1. On the fire crush, I think 5% is overkill. It does a lot of damage and can ONE SHOT most things even if they have inspiring presence or growth on it. I think 10% is a fair amount of damage to do to Ruul. However, “0%” that is ridiculous. Ruul does not need an improved lightning. He already has many Aoe cards so giving him more would be overkill.

  2. agree


  4. Don’t agree, players need to think for themselves. It makes the intellectual aspect of the game less competitive if the game tells you outright how to use a card. some cards are single use, other cards needs to be comboed with other cards. some cards have a certain timing on when to use.

  5. agree

  6. agree, when you complete certain achievements the game gives you diamonds

  7. im not sure on this one.

  8. always welcome. agree

  9. my only concern with this is connection issues between multiple players but if the developers can get it to work then why not haha.

  10. hmmmmm but what is in it for me? more cards?

  11. AGREE this needs to happen, I wanna practice my game against the best.

  12. I dont know about bribe or shrink but slow is cool. like, if mordrake wants to slow he uses acid pool, if Ruul wants to he uses ash cloud. Ameryl could having like a Blinding Light spell, it could be aimed like you would holy spear or shockwave and instead it could make minions travelling along that line, be slowed down.