My Current Wishlist



First post here.

I would like to say congratulations to the devs for creating this nice little game. I love it!

Some of the things that I want to see in the future are(you may agree with this or not):

  1. Replay feature - I think this is self explanatory. We all want to see what things we did right or wrong so we could improve our game.

  2. Multiple deck options per Spellcaster(at least three) - Once you’ve found a match you have the ability to choose(probably 10 sec window) a deck that would suit you against the opponent’s chosen Spellcaster.

  3. Custom starting minions(related to number 2) - Currently we’re getting Swordsman top and Brawler bottom. I was hoping we could customise this pre-match like we could have 2 Swordsman top and bottom or 2 Brawlers top and bottom, etc. I believe this will add more depth to the game and makes matches more interesting.

That’s all I can think of at this point. I will add more in the future.


I think pre-choosing decks after the match has been made adds too much baggage to what is supposed to be a fast paced, easy to get into mobile game.

But I like the idea with being able to customize your starting minion nodes. It might help soften the chess-like determinism of the game, which I personally enjoy, but I know some players might get bored of after a while. Currently only the starting card assortment helps keep the games feeling slightly different. However, being able to go for two starting nodes on one lane and 0 on the other might be iffy, and too random in the end. Just being able to choose which minion you get on top and which you get on bottom is enough.