Melee minions with Marksman's Spirit sometimes have too much range


A certain issue has been irking me recently. I’ve noticed that sometimes it can happen that Marksman’s Spirit can allow a melee minion to attack a tower, or even a hero from such a long range that they cannot hit back. Since you can’t really move your units around, and this only happens at an awkward angle, it’s fairly random, but can be absolutely gamecrushing when it happens. I’m not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but I think it makes the Marksman’s Spirit overpowered, and not fun for the opponent, especially since of randomness of how it happens. Using it on an archer to give him super range is fine, but turning a melee minion into artillery seems a bit much for 2 mana !

For towers it happens mostly when they are attacked diagonally, but it even happened versus the enemy hero in the last game I played.

edit: It doesn’t happen randomly - it’s consistent, at least versus towers! Thanks for clearing it up TuMach.


I’ve always used marksman in my deck. It is actually not random, you can consistantly outrange hero or tower if you preemptively cast it on the melee and not after it started charging already. I agree when used to snipe towers it is too good, but if it doesnt , it’s pretty underwhelming. I wouldn’t change the mechanic but raise the mana cost instead.

Edit: I would like to see more spells to counteract these buff spells, ie. cleanse and subvert magic. And good job to the Ruul players that beats me with a fire grip counter. Respect to the worthy opponent.


Hey TuMach! Just tested it some more and you’re right - it’s true about the towers, but not versus the hero every time though. It seems hero can sometimes hit back even when you use it on time, but sometimes not. When the unit attacks really diagonally, then it seems to be at best chances to stay out of range.

This only makes my case that it has to be made weaker even stronger though. This spell is definitely not 2 mana material the way it is right now. It’s already useful in various other ways, such as bringing the fight closer to your tower, or make a stray minion wait for other’s to catch up. Or give a minion in the back chance to attack once things get too bunched up with too many minions in the lategame. Even if it were for these uses alone I wouldn’t find it underwhelming.

Your idea to bump it’s mana cost isn’t bad, but I wouldn’t mind it being changed to simply not outrange towers, but rather be primarily used for the latter things I mentioned. Ameryl already has access to too many strong inexpensive spells as it is.

The idea of adding counter spells to beat overpowered ones is an interesting concept, and generally creates fun metagaming in normal CCGs, but I’m not sure is a fair way of balancing things in a fast paced mobile game.

I’m surprised I didn’t notice this sooner, but I didn’t play in the beta, and I guess I am actually only using Marksman’s Spirit for like 2-3 days.


I find this spell to be just fine. It is great for opening, but at the end it has so little use has to be timed perfectly. Guess more mana cost would also make it harder to time it right. Anyway I find not to lose often because this spell specifically.

I have a question though, was I hallucinating or priest can actually attack when you give him this spell?


Even in the endgame I feel it has many uses:

  • When there are usually too many melee minions ( and with Ameryl, you often can’t afford to make Archers since you want most of your minions to be of the same type for the Blessed Weapons ), they bunch up and ones in the back don’t get to attack before it’s too late. By giving it range you are allowing it to engage in the fight earlier, and thus add a lot more damage to your side.

  • It can also start shooting across lanes, to help out with the defense if you are losing on one side, to lure enemies towards it.

  • If your minions aren’t perfectly aligned it allows for the one that’s ahead of the others to start attacking so as to wait for others to catch up, and get 2 - 3 attacks on the enemy before they reach it in the process. This helps manipulate your minions in order to group up, and I think manipulating your minions in order to make a strong attack is a big part of how you win in this game.

It may not feel like it’s the spell that caused you to win, but then again it’s only a 2 mana spell - it’s really half of a spell. Over the course of the game, all the stuff it achieves can add up.

Then again, I can, as I often am, be very wrong about all of this, and the spell is just fine :slight_smile: These are just my initial impressions, of course!


I did not have that problem. I prefer two tanks with archers from back. It gives me 2-3 extra shots and forces opp to use magic to stip them. Melee is ok but it backfires at me most of the time.
Marksman helps with towers and forces use of magic since long range is great stuff. Low damage compensates :slight_smile:


I have a question though, was I hallucinating or priest can actually attack when you give him this spell?

I didn’t notice this, but if you give Marksman’s Spirit to a priest, his heal range will vastly increase.


Tried archers with pyro but did not have many luck with them. Pyro spells are ok for cover, lack of health is bad. Cannot protect on their own even with spell support.
Archers work fine with stun spells because of range.
Repel magic proved to be amaizing +++ better than regular stun. Great combo with archers + marksman spirit.


Marksman spirit range should be fixed with next patch.


It’s on our to-do list.


Range could be compensated by shorter last of range card itself. He will deal less damage with long range…aaaand you get to keep the range. Healer could be weaker and his normal range shorter. I hate seeng little dude healing front line from the safety of back line :stuck_out_tongue: he makes difference only in masses. In games I played.