Matchmaking is weird


How is matchmaking Done? Im rank 250-300 but im allways beeing matched against top 10 guys. Not easy to win against those!


More ppl playing will help with that. But for now I guess it either matched you because there was no one else playing, or you won many games in a row so it had to balance things a bit :).
Just dont give up, I know there are low chances of winning but in games like that you can try some new tactic or something, or hope that they will disconnect :slight_smile:


Or hope they will do something in the background and forget that finding match is ongoing.
Or hope their battery will run out.
Or hope they will accidentally spawn archers because it’s too close to brawlers (Nordeus, you should really increase the distance between these buttons, it’s happening pretty often, not just to me).
Or hope they are drunk af.

I hope I increased your level of hope and persuade you not to give up :slight_smile: