Massive update 1.4.0: New playable characters and more


As announced, with this release we’re adding a new character: Valen and are modifying our core experience based on your feedback

New Features

  • Valen - New Spellcaster who is now unlocked at the very beginning. This brought some changes in the order in which we are unlocking our Spellcasters. Also, you can now see some sneak peeks of new Spellcasters that will be introduced in the future
  • Metagame and spell changes - As we are doubling down on introducing new Spellcasters with distinct spells and abilities, we’ve changed some of our metagame and progression in the hope that this shall lead to more gameplay variety.
    New environments - To enhance your experience, each Spellcaster now has a unique environment which is in line with their style and lore.
  • Home screen improvements - We have changed the way you navigate through the Home screen with the goal of making everything more accessible and easier to use.

Spells changes

With the overhaul of our progression system, we’ve also changed when you unlock some spells and others shall be available for certain characters only.

In case you’re in the possession of a spell which should get unlocked at a higher level then you are currently, you shall get leveled up to that level automatically, so you can keep your spells.
The same rule applies to characters you’ve already unlocked
In case the spell is not available for the current set of characters and is planned to be distributed within future character releases - we shall remember that you had that spell unlocked and you shall have it available as soon as the new characters are released.

Affected spells:

  • Vampirism
  • Ghost rush
  • Immortality shield
  • Leech
  • Feast of souls
  • Ash Cloud
  • Hex of thirst
  • Infernal Spikes
  • Zone of Endurance
  • Plutonic Wall
  • Last Charge

We understand that these changes are big and that they are significantly affecting the game-play you are used to by now and that is why we have decided to take on 2 actions:

  • All current users without exception will receive 500 gems
  • All users who have made an in-game purchase and bought gems will receive those gems back and will be able to use them again.


So far so good. Like magic mix :heart_eyes: havent won new magics yet. Great new characters.


It looks somewhat stupid that Ruul ,burning devil can case angel spell(mass charge) ,and an angel can cast flamming weapon. Please redesign those spell cards to make the game more reasonable


Not exactly happy you wrecked all my decks none of my combos can be re built, it’s basically start from scratch trying combos. Now when I play half the time you get nothing but spells that are a waste in first couple of moves. Gone is the card unlock list which was cool. New character is basically same as angel chick would of went ice or the upcoming Forrest looking guy. Happy I got 500 gems but dissapointed it now feels not as great as it was great new maps ect. But changing my decks as much as you did and as others have said it feels stupid angels casting fire ect nothing like it was semi dissapointing please take a step forward rather that this semi backwards one.


Thanks @Penquinand @Drags3840 for the feedback, this is somewhat of a change of direction for us - so definitely expect more tweaks there as we crank up the quality dials.

If you have more specific ideas//issues etc., please feel free to share them and I shall discuss it with the team.

Update is gamechanger. Valen looks like Thor movie character. Watch out for “copyright ground”. Phone broke down so did not test other skill changes. His stun is great, new arena thumb up.
Card redesign without interface redesign to move along will be failure. White Valen burn card with red flame no-no. make flame white or add small thunder to land with every minion hit :smiley:
Every card should be adjusted with spellcaster. Adjusting minions with spellcaster is next big step :heart_eyes:
Hope some will come up with mechanics comment soon. I wonder if balance is reached now or there is still cards to mix/fix.


Mordrake is unbalanced again. I hate that character and I won’t play until he gets nerf. That is all I can say for this update.


Would love to also be able to communicate with players in game my friends list is just me lol. If you went down that road I’d suggest moderating chat I’d put my hand up for said role. I come across the same players regularly and I like that would love to be able to have a good chat with em in game or some sort of emoji or text like “good game” you could push at end of battle. Anyhow Spellsouls team keep up great work see you all in game. Might battle you who knows. Player ID (AUS)DRAGS3840.


Top 200 baby!!!


So you literaly destroyed Ruul. New spellcaster have only two new spells which are both awesome, but come on… 6 mana for chainlightning and shockwave and 5 for bolt, that is just way too expensive compared with cost of other spells. The game is definitely faster. Agree with Kal that Mordrake is unbalanced. I think Ameryl too. I really don´t like that some spellcasters have same spells. If you wanted to mix it up, than why not be able to choose cards from the card pool for the deck? Spellcasters should have expanded special abilities, like to reduce effect of particular spells or like Dylan said adjusted minions. I can´t hide my disappointment with newest update.I expect much from future updates, especially new spell cards and improved spell caster specialities.


Hey Guys ,

i readed everything u sayd yet. I cant agree atm that Mordrake is broke. Iplayd alot Ruul and Valon and i beated alot Mondrake guys exept Molvolio ´´ this guy is broke ´´. Whatever the thing with Ruul is u need to safe ur mana for big combos u can kill easily 1 complet wave with 2 spells if u use ur hero power in the right moment. Overload is a musthave card on Ruul aswell in my opinion it is hard to counter from Mordrake if u use it on big minion. AND DONT FORGET THE BEST CARD eVa Fire Crush u just kill one side with this spell if givs u so much power in the early game.

Valon is my bae atm it makes so much fun to stun the enemy over and over again. and with orb of justice u have a good waveclear aswell. i think this update is rly balanced.

and guys if we talk about the true this update is few days old just play more and figure out how u can counter.

@Drags3840 u are Completly right i would love to see more oppertunitys to communicate with the enemy.
@Kal_3L : pls tell us more what is op on Mordrake atm if u want we can play some friend games and we can see how to counter him in this patch.
@Dirk_Diggler i dont like it eather that they mixed everything --> but i think they will redesign cards and stuff and it will be fine.

Ps : i will try to play Ruul more and share a video as soon as i can.

With Love EzdriaL


This is the video Against Mordrake im Playing Ruul


Would love to know how to share a vid like this. Loving game and would love to be a active member of community. I’ve played a few of you so far and yes please add a chat option to game.


I’d like to say this update unbalenced reduce many cards a spellcaster has…this can make

  1. fewer combination of cards and combos
  2. A character’s action can be more predictable
    Create more spellcards and please balance between those character please ,not just create new characters and split all cards to all of them I just wonder how great angel Ameryl get fire power ,did she become Ruul’s wife?


my problem right now is that I only have upgraded spells for mordrake :), and no epics for new character. That is why I will have to wait for final judgment.
Changes looks good, just need time to get used to it.
I wish new character got more unique hero ability.
Cards look should be redesigned a little, old cards look does not make sense for some classes as ppl already mentioned.

Nordeus keep up a good work and thx for listening

Love, Dulac


@Shane just like u said, get used to new stuff and unique spell-caster ability, since they are not heroes. common people who went into magic :smiley:


Ok after 3 days of trying all spell casters and combinations of spells… I personally feel we have lost variety, there’s like not much variation on how you can set up your spells at this rate I feel that players are all gonna have same decks, which is not in long run gonna be good. If players are using same spell caster with same cards (as sooner rather than later it’s gonna be everyone using exact same set ups) it’s gonna make for boring matches I’m now basically praying I don’t get matched with a player using same caster. It’s a huge ask but we really need a lot more variety on decks so we can create decks that are unique like we the players are. Thankyou team once again on great work and I hope this opinion is easily read and understandable.


SUGGESTION: Please do make visible daily GOLD and EXP limit -> So I know when I reached it and how close I am.

Is it 10k gold per day, 500 exp points…just make it visible somewhere on screen, like color change green yellow orange combo or some other colors adjusted to each spell-caster.


Change I hate most so far is that all cards background is gray. And that one click opens them all, even rare and epic. You totally took all joy of opening new cards and it is harder to track what you got.


Amen to that that simple little joy was epic to go ohhhhhh some fire cards ect and then pop them and that jingle you knew it was gonna be a good one