Major update, SDoL v 1.1.0 is out!


Hi everyone,

Our missions at Spellsouls is to create an epic and fun competitive PvP experience on mobile. We’ve been crunching numbers and have been listening closely to you since the launch of the game.

We’ll take this opportunity to thank you for all the feedback and support so far, it has been instrumental for us, please keep it coming and let us know what you think about this update.

Subscription feature

After a very deep look at how our top players are progressing in the game we’ve decided to go a step further and introduce what we call a “VIP feature”, the goal was to enable you to progress faster and therefore upgrade your cards faster by providing you with boosters and additional key slots.

We’ll have 3 VIP packs available:

  • 3-day long VIP that costs 200 gems
  • 10-day long VIP that costs 500 gems
  • 30-day long VIP that costs 1000 gems

While VIP is active, the users get:

  • +50% gold from the battle
  • +50% XP from chest
  • 3 extra key slots (so 8 keys maximum instead of 5 keys maximum)

Additionally you’ll get marked as a VIP member on your profile picture

Balancing changes

During the last 2 months we’ve been collecting a lot of data and feedback from you throughout all stages and levels of play and have identified some pain-points in our current balancing. That is why we have introduced the following changes:
Generic spells

We have introduced some changes to 2 generic spells which should give more opportunities to use them effectively:

Haste: Mana cost 4→3
Shockwave: Damage 60 → 80


Ameryl is the most popular caster by far, with almost same “stun deck” has been used throughout all levels. Our goal was to open up more strategic depth and variety by reducing power of some of her spells and improving of her underused spells.

  • Saving Grace: Fixed unintended functionality, that was resulting in minions switching aggro too much after impact of Saving Grace.
  • Solar Flare: Mana cost 3 -> 4
  • Cleanse: Mana cost 3 -> 4
  • Repel: Stun duration 6s -> 3s and repel distance reduced for 33%
  • Punish arrogance: Damage 400% target’s attack -> 300% targets’ attack
  • Marksman’s spirit: Range decreased by 10%, to fix the bug where Marksman’s spirit enabled melee minions to attack towers outside of their range.
  • Summon Healer: Mana cost 6 -> 5
  • Mass Resurrect: Mana cost 6 -> 5
  • Inspiring Presence: HP increment 80 -> 100
  • Heroism: Mana cost 4 -> 3
  • Protector’s Wings: Mana cost 5 -> 4


Ruuls deck proved to have too much destructive power on high levels and that is why we introduced the following changes:

  • Fire Grip: Mana cost 4 -> 5
  • Fireball: Damage 110 -> 100
  • Subvert magic: Damage 80 + 80 per magic on minion -> 30% + 30% dmg per spell on minions
  • Infernal Spikes: Mana cost 4 -> 5
  • Dragon’s Breath: Mana cost 5 -> 6
  • Fire Chain: Stun duration 4s -> 3s and Damage 40% -> 30%
  • Flaming coat: Duration 15s -> 10s (upgrades now affect duration instead of ignites frequency)
  • Last Charge: Mana cost 5 -> 4
  • Jump: Mana cost 4 -> 3
  • Overload: Duration 10s -> 12s


Mordrake has gotten the least changes. Some of our top ranked players have already recognized Mordrake’s potential and here is what we have changed in his deck:

  • Leech: Mana Cost 4 -> 5
  • Restless Souls: Mana cost 6 -> 7
  • Undead army: Mana cost 3 -> 2
  • Ghost Rush: Mana cost 6 -> 5
  • Soul Harvest: Mana cost 5 -> 4

9 New Spells

We are introducing 9 new spells, 3 for each Spellcaster.


Fire Crush: Rare Spell
Deal 280 damage to enemy Minion by sacrificing 20% of Spellcaster’s current health.
Targeting: Single Target
Affects: Enemy Minions

Plutonic Wall: Epic Spell
Summon a 800 HP wall on the battlefield that needs to be destroyed. The wall slowly decays over time.
Targeting: Area
Affects: Friendly and Enemy Minions

Ash Cloud: Epic Spell
Basic Text: Blind Minions in an area for 10 seconds causing them to ignore each other and change direction. Cloud ignites itself every 3 seconds.
Targeting: Area
Affects: Friendly and Enemy Minions


Orb of Justice: Epic Spell
Cast an orb above your Minion which records damage inflicted upon them and explodes in 8 seconds dealing collected damage over an area.
Target: Single Target
Affects: Friendly Minions

Enlighten: Rare Spell
Friendly Minions go into a state of prayer for a few seconds to become invincible for 12 seconds.
Targeting: Area of Effect
Affects: Friendly Minions

Zone of Endurance: Epic Spell
Deploy an area on the battlefield which will render your Minions invulnerable to spell damage for 12 seconds.
Targeting: Area
Affects: Friendly Minions


Link: Rare Spell
Stun an enemy Minion and transfer half of all damage to another enemy Minion in range. Lasts 8 seconds.
Targeting: Single Target
Affects: Enemy Minions

Necrotic Grasp: Epic Spell
Deal 160 damage to ALL Minions along a path. Gain a mana point for every Minion that dies.
Targeting: Single Target
Affects: Friendly and Enemy Minions

Hex of Thirst: Epic Spell
Give your Minions 100% life steal and 30% attack speed in an area. Lasts for 12 seconds.
Targeting: Area
Affects: Friendly Minions


You have a few wording errors in the descriptions - or at least they don’t match the text in game. Orb of Justice should say it affects friendly minions - not Enemy minions for example. Also would be nice see mana costs listed here as well.

Ameryl got nerfed with a rocket launcher!

I love the card art btw!

This update will surely lead to a power shift between heroes - I believe Mordrake will come out on top.


WOW!!! Biggest and cool update yet.These new spells are so fuxking awesome!!!
I will absolutely put the[Ash Cloud] in my wish list. :smile:
One question here: Ameryl’s spell [Zone of Endurance], which said ‘Minions invulnerable to spell damage’.
It said ‘spell damage’, I mean the stun spells like ‘Solar flare’ can also stun Minions,right?
And the debuff spells like ‘Wall of Pain’ can also increase incoming damage?
PS: I love these new spells again!!!


Finally balance update. Everything looks good for now (still haven’t tested in game to be honest).

I don’t think archangel is nerfed that much cause some of spells are buffed. We will probably see just a little change in her spell kit not whole change.

Pyromancer nerfs are in place he was doing to much aoe dmg. Looking good and still healthy strong.

Necromancers leech mana cost nerf is totally fine and I like it. With that u could kill up to 5 tanks with one fighter.

As for new spells they are looking really fun to use. I will not talk about their balance part since like I said I didnt try them in game.

Just keep it going like this small but good changes and this game will be more successful then you think!


i found a bug is when i click LEVEL INFO and the keys will be all full
although the keys can’t be used but maybe it can be fixed


Hei Andrew, thanks for reporting the Bug, we’re going to fix it with the next release.


Pretty happy with this update. This game desperately needed balance. Last patch I’d say Ameryl and ruul were the strongest.

As a Ameryl player who is my only archangel, so I’m so happy that punish arrogance and repel were nerfed. They were so autopilot and OP if you got repel first you could destroy their tower on the first wave of minions.

I still think that the meteor and fire grip and subvert magic on ruuls deck are way to strong. the meteor needs to either have a mana cost of 9 or a damage nerf. It’s too easy to just place it and then take out so many minions with its great range. The grip should do no damage and the subvert magic needs to be like 20% then 30%


It looks like they implemented level up reward. How it works: once you get a lvl up you get prompted to Level Info screen and now you have all keys filled and you can use them. (Note that this is different than going manually to level info page, that is probably where bug is coming from).
So if you are about to get lvl up make sure to use all your keys before it happens.