Major Update 1.7.0 is out!


Hey Spellsouls gang,

The new update is live! We have some major changes in this build to introduce.

What hasn’t changed :

  • You can still engage in real-time PvP battles, build a strong deck by collecting cards and enjoy the AAA graphics on mobile!

What’s new:

  • We have shifted our focus away from Spellcasters to a more Deck-building approach. You can spawn Minions and cast powerful Spells utilizing a variety of Cards!

  • We understand that these changes are big and that they significantly affect the gameplay you are used to by now. For some of you, at first look, these changes might seem too radical, but please keep in mind that our main focus was to offer you many more strategic options and deck building variations as you progress through the game.

We invite you to devote some time to the game, engage in battles and progress through levels and Arenas so that you can fully grasp the scope of changes that we have made.

Important notes:

  • For all users: Gold and progress have been reset and you will start the game from the tutorial.

  • For users who have made gem purchases: you will start with the same amount of gems that you have purchased so far

  • For all our existing users who have not made any gem purchases: you will start with a doubled amount of gems compared to our new users. This means that you should have 200 gems at the beginning of the game.

We would like to thank you again for all your great feedback and continuous support so far. Feel free to follow up in the thread with feedback and questions.

Let’s play! See you in battle!

The direction of Spellsouls going forward

Omg,i can”t update!what happen?I come from Taiwan and I can”t update app,are there any problems? :frowning:


So far game is not same any more. completely new game. Three lanes of battle. As for now not much to comment.
No zoom in/out :frowning:
Single leaderboard :frowning:
Cannot click on minion to see the stats health/damage :frowning:


Rtched, Plated and Guilded chest contain 80-30-180 cards and price is not correctly set. Do change that. Ill check is purchase result OK.


@housechien have you managed to update the app?


The price is not set just based on the numbers of cards that you get, the Plated one gets you at least one Epic card as well.


@Jess phone is warm.
Gold is sinificantly decreased from battles which is nice->buy it from market :+1:
only 7 cards :frowning: but whyyyyy ok im at lvl 2 so.
Level management :frowning: i can make card combo right under 100 to keep me off level 3 and kill as much lvl 2 players I can :blush: :muscle:


Got 80 x2 cards in 2 purcchases 24x3 and 4x2. which is on spot. guess you are right. costly is to get rare and epic cards but gives more on strategy :slight_smile:


So sad
Guys dont understand me wrong I love Spellsouls from the First second .
but Copying a game that allrdy is on the market is just mehh

Search Castle Crush and u have the same game as spellsouls now
all orginality is gone …
but still i will play this game and see how it s progressing,

cheers Ez


I killed app and redownload it,it is all right now :slight_smile:


W T F is this??? :scream: atrocious…


You destroyed a great game like WTF?


Now you cast minion rather than spell. I suggest a new name ”minionsoul” :joy:
And I anticipate one day we can cast Ruul, Ameryl, Valen and Mordrake together for family reunion.:metal:


oops. busy over christmas break. totally missed that an update was out. trying it now.


well… this is… different…

hmm. just crashed getting into a match.

looks like a prototype atm mostly coz there is no quality visuals of damaging the enemy 'wall’
given the quality of the old spellsouls, I’m guessing you guys will be improving this - having bits of destruction to the wall happen after each hit - bits of metal falling off till it is finally destroyed.

its certainly just a different game now. the old spellsouls is dead.

hard to imagine what its like to a new player. Coming from the old spellsouls it feels so cheap currently.

…but it does have some strategy so I’ll see how I feel after I spend some gems.


@MaDPuPPeT there is no winning deck ofcards like before… i get it 2 like work in progress.


first thing I notice - most of the skill is gone. there used to be a dozen things a good player could do to beat someone with better cards. seems like a mindless battle of power now.


crashed again. couldn’t really be bothered loading up again. stuck on arena 2 waiting for someone that doesn’t have units 2 levels higher so I have a chance of winning. I’ll wait for the next update or just move onto other games. thanks.