Lyra! the charming spellcaster


Because there will be update soon, it seems to be very different with the present, so write this article to commemorate the Lyra.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Lyra is a very interesting hero, to be honest, I really enjoy this spellcaster more than any other.Preliminary statistics, I played about 365 games , winning rate about 65%, the highest winning is to fight to Ameryl, but the lowest is to fight to Mordrake (mainly lost to TYAN).Lyra likes Ameryl who can only make damage by the minions, so she also need to protect her minions.Fortunately, she is better at protecting the minions than Ameryl, because she has more ways to protect, for example:Healing strikes can counter opponent’s minions attack,wall of illusions can hide spells or let the battle line close to our tower that can make damages,Mind control can immediately increase us and reduce opponent one minion…etc.
Towers are very important for Lyra, because of the special ability of Lyra, she needs tower to block the opponent’s minions who rushing to our spellcaster, so the tower must be protected, the normal battle, the tower’s wear and tear is very fast, So try to get opponent’s tower in the middle to avoid lost.
Tactical aspects, as far as possible to protect our towers and minions, and avoid hitting the late. It seem easy but actually very difficult. Because of spellcaster traits, fight to spellcaster who can directly hurt / dodge the minion,that making it hard to Lyra, when to protect minions and when to give up minions need a lot of experience to learn.How to exchange the spell with your opponent is the important topic,maybe we can discuss it at the other post.
The minions choice, basically except archer and pure tank, the other can be choiced. Archer is too easy to die, pure tanks can’t make damage.
The spells choice,I think “mind control” and “mimic” are necessary,other based on individual needs choice.
There are some videos that I fight to mordrake for your reference:

Also hope this post will help someone who like to play Lyra, and I am so poor in english so if this post let you hard to read, please forgive me. :joy:

*I updated the new vedio (five) ,because i think this one can show what lyra is a nice spellcaster, maybe luck,but it is a good fight really :sunglasses:


Sweet post house. I find your “typen” english quite well. Lyra is my least fav caster. loosing to almost everyone. goal to win 4 battles for reward is quite difficult.
im glad tou enjoy her gameplay


@Milan_Matejic She is a nice spellcaster,maybe you can try to play her more :wink: