Lyra sneak peak


We are preparing something very special for you next week! :sushing_face:



Was hoping for official launch, but hey, I won’t complain :rofl:


Soon my child, soon :slight_smile:


Omg tease much. Like couldn’t show a spell anything? Well I’m happy knowing it’s finally upon us a new caster but only her? Ok fair takes time to develop a character I can understand that just hoping she’s not a valen clone in way that she will “borrow” cards from other casters and little new on offer. Definitely a intriguing caster as we know nothing about her bar illusion seems to be her thing. I assume ghosts and that sort of thing.

I was hoping nature guardian would be dropping too as he interests me more but new content I’m happy to see. Will be interesting to see ALL changes and new combos for current and new casters.

Also I may come across as complaining but look at it my way, you have set the bar very high for yourselves with such a amazing game, really hope new caster adds a lot of new spells to bring much needed variety to what is a fun and addictive game that is both fun and rewarding to play.

Anyhow peace out (AUS)Drags3840


Just finished last challenges to put me at 1,000 gems. Took awhile to save up. Bring on new caster so I can V.I.P for a month.