Lv7 vs lv6 in battle?


I’m lv7 vs player lv6 in battle, and same blood lv7 with me. Why lv6 can in battle lv7 ? Bug bug ?


Check card strenght. Difference in lvl is not real sign of card strenght :frowning: i have over 3000 donated cards and that boosted my lvl ehich is wrong.

i also fought and lost against lvl6 player :frowning: and im lvl7


I don’t know about that, but i don’t like lv6 in battle lv7. Because upgrade to lv so hard…, i have 4500 donated, player don’t have donated ( 0 donated )


Yep…imagine situation. You and me donate +10.000 cards…that pushes us 1 whole level above our real card strength :slight_smile: and we are roasted up there. And you know for sure how hard it is to level up im on lvl7 and need to level up every card from the deck to go up. Donating cards inside guild will let me go up without upgrading single card…that must change.

I asked gods to divide leveling from cards and leveling from donations inside guild. No such change occurred.