Leveling up card needed increased


As my guild members told me we have different requirement for level up some unit. Only I need to collect 2048 cards for lvl9 upgrade, other players require 1000. Also for lvl5 I need 96 cards vs. 50 for other players.


gamba, same increase happened to me. that is why i wrote separate post here :slight_smile: at first i thought you got some bug. next morning dang. change cought me too :slight_smile: so we all got increase in demand. also runes needed for upgrade also increased as cost of increase itself too :wink:
good thing is my win/loose ratio went up


96 card same


honestly I just started playing but it seems to be a really good game but the only thing is I think would work better probably would be to find more ways maybe to increase our upgrading and maybe give us like Quest or something to help us out through the game