Leveling (exp and chests)


Leveling, ah that leveling. Grinding like a chinese worker :stuck_out_tongue:

As you know we are only getting experience from winning chests. Losing chests grants nothing. In my opinion experience for leveling needs to be separated from chests. Of course the experience we get needs to be lowered by a fair amount so it doesn’t turn into grind fest. Separating experience from chest will lower frustration over losing chests. In that case even losing chests will be ok-ish. Also why I think experience has to be moved from chests is that focus of this game is not leveling. For players as my self who started to play this from beginning leveling is not that much of a problem at this point since we are all at the same level but for new player who will need to grind levels for couple of months will probably get them bored. With faster leveling our chances to get rare cards that we need will be kinda lower cause there will be more cards to get (I am ok even with that). Also at some point ranked needs to be available only for max level player.

As for chests they are totally fine. Personally I wouldn’t change them if experience get separated from them. I know there was a talk between players on forum about getting rid of chests that we don’t want. Probably losing chests (maybe all) should be upgradeable to a better ones by winning games. For example 3-5 wins for losing chest or maybe even for gold… Not sure about that to be honest. :stuck_out_tongue: It needs testing for sure :smiley:


Totally agree, and not only because of that slow leveling but that %^#&^@*%@# feeling when you lose a chest game you waited for 3 hours.


Not sure I understand this? Higher levels unlock more (and better) cards, so levelling is very important.

For a start, I would just remove losers chests. I would be totally fine for getting less experience from a soul, as long as every key I use counts.


Yes higher levels opens more cards to get. However that doesn’t mean that they are better cards. Card value is detrminated by mana cost, damage, effects and effectiveness in deck. Aslo leveling is to much slow. We are losing to much time on it. Lets just say that games like World of Warcraft (which is not even same game type, but lets use it for example here) have fairly normal leveling time. If u didn’t know time for getting 1-60 in vanila is the same as time for 1-110 In legion now. Yes leveling is part of this game but it is part in which you need to get basic skills and information about game. Slow leveling means slow progress which results in boring time for most players. In the end everything is returning to rewarding progress, a thing tha keeps most players going forward. On the other hand lets take Hearthstone as one of most popular card games. U need to level to level 20 to get all baisc cards for one class. Time for that doesn’t take months like here. And you are ready for action. Also by slow leveling here there are sitations where your opponent or you feel much more powerful only because of 1 or 2 levels advavntages because he was able to get more card upgrades from chests. Not calulating card differences here cause for example I still dont have that epic meteor for pyro -.-’ rng gods doesn’t like me.


I would honestly just remove the losing chests.

Take take your precious chest space, plus you need to spend a key on these… And since there are chest that you need 2 or 3 keys, you play one game every 4h…

I beginning lost bunch of games due to messages from viber, whatsup, poping in the middle of the screen. Until I learnt to shut those of while I play. :wink: So this really slowed my progress.

Plus I hate participation prizes… Boohoo you lost, tough luck, be better next time… :stuck_out_tongue: You should get the gold though. You did “some” dmg. :slight_smile: