Lag, massive delay in card use


Good evening to all,
I just lost fight to epiots or some other fighter. Reason is massive delay in card use. This is the first time it happened to me. I put burn down card and i miss all minions below. They leave spot. Usuall delay is calculated. This took three times longer.
Ingame name


Hi Milan! We are looking into this, thanks for reporting it! Were you on Wifi or 3G? Could you tell me also on which device are you playing? Tnx!


Home WiFi. It is possible that ups and downs of wifi influence delays in game. Ups and downs do not stop game on both players only troubled one.
Also new bug
On mobile operator wifi.

picture included in this message. I won counter stopped, but game does not transfer me on spellcaster screen.


I have seen that one before, good thing is that you will still get a win / winning chest awarded


Happened to me once as well. I did get the win and the chest normally, so it’s no biggie.


Yeah, this happened to me as well a couple of times! The devs are aware of it but we haven’t been able to completely resolve this bug yet. Let me know please if it starts to happen too often or if you do not get chest in the end


Think this frozen screen happens if spell is casted (finished animation) after boss died


Yeah, I actually reported it like that initially in another topic. Happened to me when I cast Lightning at the same time as the enemy boss died.