Keys not working then vanishing


I have a full set of five keys for opening chests and they display an error message when I try to use them. They stay in my inventory and if i am away from the game for a while they will pop up a message saying that there are chests I could be opening, I even got one coming here to type up this message. They vanish after a good amount of time leaving me with nothing.

I have emailed about this the first time my keys gave me error messages and then vanished and got no reply, no remedy.

Below is the image of the keys and an error message. I would like to get to actually use all my keys. Please let me use my malfunctioning keys.


Hi Floral! Thank you for reporting this bug, I am really sorry about the late reply. This is a visual issue - when you click on your Level info the keys will automatically appear but you are not able to use them since those keys are not generated over time as regular ones. When you force close the app these false keys will disappear. Please avoid taping the Level info icon in the next couple of days if possible or if you do just force close the app right away so you get a clear picture of how many regularly generated keys you got. Sorry for the trouble, we already know why is this happening and will release a fix soon!


Thankyou Jess,
So those are not real keys. Explains why I could not use them. A little irritating. Giggles.


You are welcome! Yeah, those are not real keys I am afraid. It is a bit irritating, I agree, but luckily we managed to fix it already and we are now preparing to release the game update, I will let you know as soon as it is out!