Just a thought on game addition


Ok we have a choice of player icons that’s cool. But maybe as it would be a simple add somewhat you could add player icons for say spells? Like say I’ve used meteor strike 100 times I unlock a icon for it. Or say haste ect. To maybe show your fav move? As background is already character maybe makes each player more individual? And a sense of unlocking things as you play? I know it’s just a icon but I always think when trying to improve why not tweek the little things. It’s not gonna impact gameplay but gives players something to show how long played ect, on top of that you could add battles won, streak, fav caster icons ect.

Anyhow just a thought.


You have a good point Drags. It would be cool when after you unlocked such an achievement you unlock some gear like different clothing for your minions to pimp them up a bit and create some diversity. Show off with your squad against your enemy would be an awesome extra.