Issues I have with the game so far after reaching 1700 trophies


First off, love the game and concept.

But there are some issues that are preventing the game from really peaking.

First off, the lack of guild events, ranking, chests, etc. There’s a whole victory total that means nothing, no way to do the guild chest events, and no way to actually rank or monitor my guild.

Second, the 4 locked boxes is absolutely pointless. If I can only ever open 1 at a time, 4 slots means nothing and literally doesn’t do anything except for looks. There is zero difference between having 1 slot and 4 slots and 1000 slots if only 1 can be opened at a time. If I have 4 slots, then let me open 4 at a time but each on their own timer.

Third, coin to gem ratio is waaaay off. The value of 4000 coins is no where near 60 gems. Gems are incredibly hard to obtain and coins are incredibly easy. You should also be able to purchase gems through coins. If 4000 coins was actually worth 60 gems I’d be buying gems at that rate all day long! But seriously, give us a better way to earn gems. I’m only earning about 5 gems a day on average. I’d have to hoard those gems for 3 years to be able to afford the big chest. Come on now, that’s crazy and will drive me away from the game.

Lastly, a lot of card descriptions aren’t right. Hellfiend for example says he will destroy the weakest minion in the lane. No he doesn’t. He does a lot of damage to it, but he doesn’t destroy it. Often times against big minions, he does big damage to them, but doesn’t actually destroy them.


Hogs hoard bonus…
as I see there is rise in price for every level. Also reward is significantly increased. At some point players reach top of their purchased gems.
Failing to open next chest in 24HRS time Hogs reward should reset to level 1. Just like it started. So players can fill it again and open it.

Present solution to be permanently chained to reached level will backlash. I had some gems open few hogs chests and in mean time there were pretty good offers and i took them. such as 900 cards for 490 gems…reseting hogs chest will be beneficial for all.


The problem with that is you get more gems for opening it than what it costs. It seems the developers here have no clue how a proper currency works. Gem cost makes no sense right now and its completely out of whack


it is motivation for all of us. just like more gems if you convert all card to coins/gems you see how much more you get from opening chest. it is not just exxxtra gems :wink:

and yes counter should return to 1 if you are late or do not open chest in proper time :wink:


I am absolutely in your side. And this is just basic what devs need to do with this game. Make option to open all chests if i want. Option to delete chest from line if i dont want it there. That will be basic thinks.