IS this game dead?


I’m a new player and i enjoy this game. But the guild i joined is pretty dead. And the forums are dead too.

Am i the only one playing this anymore?

Reach top 100 today.

That is sad, its a great game…


We are playing. Ppl are divided among many guilds, so most of them do not have player interaction, its mostly just exchanging cards (maybe there are some that chat non stop but that is not my experience :slight_smile: ) .
For forum, there is not that much strategy involved right now (IMO) so no need for a large discussion , for now it is a place to keep an eye for an updates.
Game is still not in full release, once it is there will be more ppl to interact with.

But hey feel free to post anything you like :), it will find its audience


we do not bite :slight_smile: and in guild templars you can play 1/1 games and challenge top players. feel invited 2join 2 places open.


Bad update… Game was totally unbalanced, it was horrible, I created another account, I’m level 2 I’m facing lvl 5 character, this is at the beginning of the game as I will progress so