Is it pay for win?


Hello everyone. I’ve been playing this game for something like 4 days by now, i’m level 3 and I’m simply stuck around 1.000 - 1.200 trophies for 2 of the days I played.

So, after losing many battles and changing my deck a thousand times, I started wondering WHY is it so hard to win at this point of the game, then I started to check my enemy’s deck after losing, and I think I found one of the possible reasons for my losing season.

There is something in common in almost all of the games I lose. My enemies have like 4 purple (Epic) cards, while I have only 1, that I got at the beginning of the game, “Hellfiend” (which I think is very common, even being an Epic card). So, then I started to search what should I do to get more Epic cards, and I couldn’t find any chest that contains those. But I did discovered that we can buy epic cards at the store, but also, they are very expensive.

So, someone please tell me, is the store the only way to get epic cards? What could I have done different to have more then 1 common epic card on my deck? (this is not rhetoric, pls answer lol)

At this moment i’m starting to think this game might be a little “pay for win” since the fact that if you buy gems, you can open your chests instantly, or buy coins and epic cards at the store. Or maybe my luck is something more important than I thought, and I could have more Epic cards somehow with that.

Ps.: Minions with area damage are so damn OP, aren’t they? I unfortunately don’t have any single one of them, lol.

Ps2.: Guys, what is wrong with that “Undead Warlord”? I simply drop my phone everytime someone cast it against me, maybe it’s because I don’t have any Minion with area damage, but I just cant react to that card.

Ps3.: I’m accepting tips about things I could do with my humble deck without any area damage other than some spells.

Despite those points above, that are making me frustrated, i’m really enjoying the game.
Sorry for bad english.


am more like you started like 4days ago, however what I have noticed and I think you know it more than me, 1st you are playing against bots, second everytime you climb up the ladder the bots become more stronger than before. The other thing, opening chest is all about luck, you may or may not get an epic card.

The game is free, however its yes a little pay to win against bots!

Sorry if my english isn’t that good! and hope I helped :slight_smile:


Jesus… Why do you think we play against bots? :astonished:


Ez, first thing how do I know, the opponents are using the same deck of cards. The second thing, If you don’t believe me then check your opponents Deck after either wining or losing and you r going to see it’s actually bot who you are playing against!

why we play against bots? if there was enough players playing the game then you wouldn’t see your self matching against skilled bot :baby:t2:


Picture here your deck. i have almost all epic legendary cards from game. and i got them from chests from einning games. if you win enough times you will get medium and big chest inside game. medium chests takes 8 hrs to open. big one needs 12 hrs. big one has 1 epic card. catch is that even small or medium can have epic cards. at least i got epic cards there.

i play much longer than you. check my deck at top 30 ingame nick. clan templars. ill ask boss to kick inactives so two of you may join. in fb name matejic milan so you may add me to have me on friend list.


@Milan_Matejic I would join if I wasn’t in a guild but thank you for the offer. @Alienn the other thing mate that I want to meantion, climbing up the ladder quickly is quite boring and Iknow being stuck 1k-1.2k is annoying, so what I would advice you is joining a good, supportive and friendly guild like @Milan_Matejic guild :).

All the best at beating arenas


Hey, im so happy with your comment!

I actually have opened something like 3 medium chests (took me long 8h lol). And I must tell you guys, since I posted my feedback here, I did got some great cards that I didn’t have at the moment I posted, this gave me some motivation to continue, and now i’m at Arena 4, around 1.300 - 1.400 trophies!

And @Darkness, I’m sorry, I don’t believe we are playing against bots… And I do see my enemies use a lot of different cards…

@Milan_Matejic i’ll sure add you on Fb, my name is Ítalo Loureiro, feels good to have some friend playing Spellsouls :slight_smile:

So, here goes my deck:


I’ll try to find a good guild, i’m already in one, but they don’t interact at all… Thanks for the tips, mate! Im really happy someone answered me, kinda wasn’t expecting. hahahaha :slight_smile:


Us we know, the game is FreeToPlay, and the company should make money, how to give player opportinity to buy anything they want, of course with plan etc…

Yes there are a lot of player buy anything to win, it’s form of addection, but not all of them, the game comes out a little earlier on ios so,

sort off, I play for fun, I don’t play my life, and im not for buyin anything to win

see yaa


Here is thing that there are so many cards it is very unlikely to be absolutely the best. Even with credit card. Too many dofferent cards combinations.


ill write even more after i take care of kids :slight_smile: ask whatever you need ill siscuss my deck later :slight_smile: will publish it and describe it
Here I am now. Ill type quickly :slight_smile:
Cheap cards 0-3 are for fast, jump start. Since there is mana limit 2 at start skeletons and archers give me little advance if i get them in first hand. IF.
Cards priced 4 rare ones. They are backbone of my attack strategy. Along with brute, but he costs 5 and i do not expect him to be more than road block with 1000 damage at hand. Skeletons at 5 are distraction as they are very vunerable to any attack. They are my defense strategy. Can take fine damage except from punisher or treant. Also treant is for defense much better than for fast attack as he pushes over enemies and gives you little time to regroup. He sux against ranged opponents. I have people who use fire witch as she can mess up my whole defense.
Hellfiend is multifunctional. In short line he does wonderful damage striking strong enemy minions. Also he deals much damage. He is bad against 2-3 priced multiple units like archers or skeletons.
Siege scarab. The behemoth unit. At first I put hate to that unit. Did not know what to use that unit for. Praised fury cheap but powerful card which speeds up attack. Scarab does over 1000 damage away from front line. Can survive scorching ray or few hits of fire witch. That is my new favorite card.

Of course i have tried with sucess decks other top players use. They are great. Plenty of versatile tactics but i stick to this one.

Now spell cards. I have 4 of them.

Scorching ray is good for single line takedown. Against skeletons. Since skeleton+soul construct is perfect combo to overturn battlefield luck i prefer to use it only then. And against Wraith card since i do not like units which can kill me in 2 blows :slight_smile:

Lightning. Good if ray fails. Once construct is formed i see no other ways to stop him. Strike him with lightning :slight_smile:
Wind blast - i use it in later part of battle once units in single line are amassed by svetlana or just by spaming with cards. To push them back and get time to regroup defense.

Meteor strike. Pricy card and doesnt arrive at beginning. If does that means lost game for me. I handle it with care. Is cure against low and mid priced units. Does not work against 7+ units. Waste of mana.

TIPS for your deck: punisher is great and fast. Your numbers are big in that card as you can use it only after 45 seconds of battle which is kinda late. Use 2-3 4 priced cards. Once you get wraith i recommed you put him instead. Also wraith requires practice and you will find that button in deck part :slight_smile: treant is slow so you may need 1 faster card. Guy with sword is better if you want to put pressure in 1 line. His speed is 10 and treant 3. Noone is scared from slow guy.
Shadowborne is card i sometimes use. Sneaky and good when battle is in stalemate position. If you are equal on battlefield put him behind lines, right in the gates :slight_smile: force him to back that line and give yourself time at other 2 lines. He is weak against nature guardian or hellfiend. I have been countered by that and swordsman.
Skeletons add more i recommend :slight_smile: they can absorb incredible damage

if you like big guns they are epic. like 10 price card or ancient guardian. once you build them up, they are unstoppable.

Of course games and decks will evolve :slight_smile: as i did mine, this is just for now. i like legendary card necromancer. did wonders against constructs :slight_smile: just convert all units in line into skeletons.

ROAD BLOCKS: statue costs 2 and it is single most efective card for fast push i have seen. It is for more strategic approach for game and i do not use it because of that. Once you put statue you begin from half of battlefield and have advantage for treants :slight_smile:

Fortify is ok if you avoid mid level cards. gives you plenty of time until mana increases enough to put strategy in play.

ARROWS: good against undead warlord or skeletons in many lines. or just gives you little push in defense. cannot kill most of mid and high level units but helps.

There are many italo loureiro on FB. I am with wife in pic and carry white blue shirt :slight_smile: