Is Hack Tool or BUG ?


Why this guy , He can use 10 point card when the game just start?
Is this hack tool or bug ?


Check replay please. I had L4-5 abomination against me few times-came on top once. Aparently in replays he used 2 times hand which decreased cost of abomination for 6 so he spend 4 mana for him.

I would appreciate if you write separate topic demanding mana limit removal at beginning of game. I will support you fully. We receive random cards and with limit only 2 and 4+ cards at first hand I am helpless. Thank you in advance.

p.s. hope you will support another idea, to separate points for donating cards to guild members. receiving little gold is fine, but points for just giving away cards is bad. It pushes my level UP even my cards are not at that level.- it is important for PORTAL STRENGHT.