Important announcement


Hi Summoners!

For all of you who live under a rock and have not yet seen our Legendary Arena teaser, here is a short introduction:

  • The Legendary Arena is this supercool arena that will be available only for experienced enemy butt-kickers who have managed to earn more than 4000 trophies.

And now the fun part: some of you have advanced to a 6 figures trophy number very fast and that is causing us headaches. We have some technical challenges introducing the new Arena cause you are too good. Imagine that?!

I am afraid you are not going to like our solution for this challenge but here it goes….drumroll….we will lower all your trophy counts to 4000. It sucks. We know.

Anyone who has less than 4000 trophies will not be affected; you guys seriously need to work on your battle strategies, but besides that, you’re fine.

But look at it from the bright side: we’re not resetting your progression, you get to keep all your gems, gold and upgraded cards that you have so far and we will also throw in some gift for you.

We are even announcing this in advance so that you have enough time to take some screenshots and brag about your achievement to your family, friends (imaginary and real ones), dogs, cats etc. You can post them on the Forum. That’d be cool too.

The Leaderboard will be reset tomorrow morning.

-the Spellsouls Team