I wanna hear your best or worst victories and losses and facepalm moments


Let’s kick this off :slight_smile:,

I am generally a bad player, but there is nothing worse than spawning an archer against Ruul and regretting it the same second I do.


Happened this morning, just as I woke up. I see I have keys, but think “i’m probably going to make a million mistakes, better wait a bit to wake up fully”. Unable to resist the temptation I decide to play a couple of games anyway. The first one is against the rank 2 guy right away, and I misclick like the first 5 aoe spells, leading to a slow and painful loss. The rage had at least woken me up though :slight_smile:


Well not just this morning but first game of a day is probably mistake after mistake.
My favorite would be (if I have to pick) wasting an immortality shield on minion that is about to die from immolation.
2nd best would be killing bunch of my own mobs with meteor spell.


I usually perform much, MUCH better against players in top 100. I play retarded vs lower ranks, and newbies :rage:


Because we’re unpredictable :smiley:


Selecting the wrong spell caster to play, I don’t mind Mor or the other one. But Ruuls currently where I’m at, having to rethink your strategy with one eye open is a pain.


My last battle would totally qualify.

I won fighting against an Ameryl user that was far beyond my level.

I saw Mass Resurrection and Protector’s Wing used twice each, I saw Enlighten used, I saw what I think was Zone of Endurance right at the end when the troops were fighting in his/her end.


Me playing Ruul vs Am, 10:50 game all the while on a knife edge. Mass ress countered with meteor, so much healing and so much damaged. Gained nearly 700 coin great start to the day😃.


Aaaaand this is when I created an account for this forum :slight_smile:
gg Malvolio


gg <3

Welcome to the forums !


You could at least get better loot (cheap Malvolio!) but gz


Nice loot mate, and welcome


Resurrecting nothing. Or throwing heal/harm spell in empty space 5 points wasted. Or mass charge right after stun was thrown on my units.
Or burning down my units with laser beam as ruul, for not a 5% reason.


Rank 500 VS TOP.01:slight_smile:
I know what gonna happen next.