I can't see the accumulate points of the globe rank


hi , i come from taiwan, and i find i can’t see the accumulate points of the globe rank.Is it normal?I just want to know what is my score QQ.


Good job so far :), let me tell you to get to a first place Malvolio has to lose quite a few games.


Would love to see more details on player stats


Yeah a win loss ratio would be cool as well.


We’re definitely looking into how to present it the best way possible. We’re aware that the current leaderboards are not ideal. Please have some patience :slight_smile:


@Drags3840 @GrimAtmosphere What would you exactly want to see? :slight_smile:


Win Los ratio. Preferred spells ect just some more detail. Also wanna see new players so more countries might help


Win/loss ratio doesn’t necessarily corelated to global rank for two reason. Firstly,people only match with those with close rank. Secondly,wining Malvolio one time is much more valuable than wining tons of people with low ranks.
If my guess is right , a system calculation score is more referable.


I agree pretty much a better way of explaining what I was referring to. Seeing something on how the calculation process works would be nice.