How to start the game with a high cost card?


I feel noobish because I don’t know how to start with a high cost card early in the match. People seem to be able to do it in arena 4. In arena 5 they are able to boost their castles defense. How is this possible? I’d like to be able to do it…
I can’t seem to break past 2,100 trophies


There is a card that reduces mana cost of your units. But units will not be as high lvl as they originally are. So it is a trade off. You wont be able to use this card any time soon so do not stress about it. Instead counter it with clone card and summon for 3 mana what he did for 6. pleanty of other ways to counter it, you just need to experiment a bit what is best for you with cards you have.


Can you explane a little bit more how this card works? How it is not be the same lvl like it is original?

Example - I summon card what cost 10. With this one its only cost 7. That will be clear, but get confuse with what you write about lvl.


card level in details is max you can get. from this picture if I would use this card I could summon common monster of max lvl 6 rare monster of max lvl 4 or epic monster of max lvl 2, so even if I have epic card lvl 4 once used it wold be same as if it was lvl 2.


Thanks. Get it.

P.S.- Please make some more events in game.