How and when the card Level up


I strated to play the game since few days, and the rule are easy, the platform and the game play are great, but I need to understand how and when my card go from 1 to 2 level for ex

thank you guys


Cards are upgraded in two ways. From level 1 to level 2,3 and so on. and between levels you need runes to make smaller upgrades. In two ways your cards become stronger.


As Milan said. You will first need to upgrade card you want using shards up to a certain trashhold after that you will see level up option on your card, at this point you will need certain amount of cards (of the same kind as the one you lvl) and some gold to reach next level. From there just repeat the process, it just gets more expensive and requires more cards each lvl


Thank you for the answer


present quantities should be 8, 16, 48, 96, 192, 512, 1024, 2048…for level 2, 8 cards of a kind and so on.
also regardless of kind of card common, rare, epic or legendary required number is the same. diffrrence is in number of runes I II and III and price for midleveling between major levels.