High ranked battle introduction videos - link your videos if u have here







It would probably be a good idea to link the the application you use to record these videos, so others can do it as well without searching for their own solution.


That was recorded on android phone and the video quality is really bad…
For IOS i’m using X-Mirage for mirroring on my PC and recording with NVIDIA GeForce Experience…
If anyone have better solution to propose that would be great :smiley:.


For recording:
One option is one of the mirroring programs x-Mirage or Reflector 2
Turn it up, connect to your device with airplay and hit record button

Other option for recording on device it self (free) is AirShou it is not an app store app, you will have to download it from iemulators.com and then add it to a trust list on your device. After you installed it and add it to trusted apps just open it connect to it through airplay and hit record button. I suggest using a headset with mic if you want to record sound with this, or at least get one of microphone apps on your device.
Important thing is if you wish to edit your video afterwards, you will have to first convert it and than edit it, a bit messy yes.

Last option is a recording device think it cost like 100$.

I would make a tutorial post about this, but this morning my ipad decided he no longer trusts AirShou and what ever I do it wont work, so it is not going to happen until I find solution for this.

Edit: forgot to mention for Android just use mobizen recording, but sound will be out of sync on long videos.


Here is the link for 2 best games i played last week :slight_smile: