Guild tab preview - Android


Sometimes when I enter guild tab there is no content and I have to close app and reopen it. I guess bug is happening when you get new card requests or when u get new cards from your request.


Hi @The_Ev1L_0ne thanks for ping this to us!
Could you please help me clarify further the issue you are experiencing, is this what is happening:

After the latest updates you have exchanged messages with other guild members and you have sent card requests, but those messages and card requests are not always visible? When you open the app from time to time you do not see any messages at all but when you restart the game you see them again?

Note that any messages sent before the last update should not be visible in the Guild chat, so only the ones sent in the current app version should remain there and should be visible any time you log in.

Thanks again!


This happened to me when I joined the guild for the first time. Not sure about previous version cause I am back in game after this last update (think it is 1.9.0). It looks like it is working fine now but maybe it just didn’t pull all data from server first time. Anyways gonna test it for some time to be sure and possibly to recreate bug scenario so I can tell what actions are leading to it.