Guild manual/how to needed


There is a severe lack of info on guild information.

How do you gain victories?
How does promotion work? What are the ranks and what do they do?
How do you start guild chests and events?

There is zero info available. Please help

Also, there’s no way to monitor active status. I’d like to remove people who aren’t active but there’s no info on it


Hi, Ill try to explain a few things, maybe some1 else can do better as I was never a leader in a guild :slight_smile:
There are no victories, as currently there is no competation between guilds. In Guild info you can see how many battles your team did over a week.
Think there was no recent guild events, there were some in early stages of the game, where whole guild would get a prize based on how many victories they had all together.

So right now guild is a place to chat, share strategies, play vs guild m8s and exchange cards. Exchanging cards is probablly most important part of the guild and you can see how ppl are active and how good guild is by going to list of members and sort it by donations