[GUIDE] Play Ruul, Ruul is cool


Well actually he is not cool he is literally HOT.


you may know me in game as [POY]Shane or [POY]Dulac. I am the best Ruul player in the world. My best rank was 2nd place on the global ladder (nothing to comment on why not 1st place),

So why Ruul?

Because he can throw a punch. Not like Mordrake who would probably broke a bone after first punch and there is no reason to mention Ameryl since she is a girl and kicking ass by default.

My goal with this is to create as many as possible good players to play Ruul so I can steal your tactic and beat you with it and maybe beat @Malvolio as well.

To get there I will teach you how to start playing with Ruul and get decent amount of wins to get you interested.

Special ability

Lets start with his special ability - It does look like nothing is happening when you place a spawning point but there actually is.

There is a wave of heat and really bad smell affecting opponents minions degenerating their life, in this case 15% of their total HP. Works best if thrown when there are opponents minions on the field.

Spawning points:

Go swordsman always, everything will die from sacrifice anyway and you need more damage to finish game as soon as possible. Fatties are still viable just not as good.

Also ideally your first spawn point should be placed at 0:28 so that they never go in pair. This will help you with some nice “grip” options and it will delay opponents push, forcing them to group units at one place, which we really want. As for lane position you have to see for yourself.

If you see that top tower is going down in next wave go ahead and place it at top, in a similar way if you had a really bad opening and your bottom tower is about to bite the dust defend bottom lane at all cost.
After the initial spawn just keep spawning monster on the same side with few seconds apart in spawn time, creating a train of charging fatties to enemy boss.


One general rule here, you want as many as possible cards that do ignite, ignite is your friend ignite is what you live for and makes your Hero ability from ‘nothing happened’ to obliterating enemy. (who played Mage in WOW knows about stacking ignites, that is what we have here) (thx Malvolio for testing this and to Cubear for deck I stole).


Deals 15% of mobs HP over x sec. , you might have read or hear about that before, but what it does not say is that after new ignite is applied those 15% is automatically deducted from minions HP. To make this simple; minion buffed with “Flaming Weapon” with each hit will make 15% of opponents HP + Fixed amount of damage.

So if you are new just put all Ruul cards you have available (and what ever you want from neutral cards to fill in gap).

Cards to avoid:

  • Jump (Fat minions cant jump)
  • Last Charge (if you know a good use for this spell please let me know / I feel this would be a great spell if you could use it while your minion is under stun)
  • Overload (let me use 5 mana so my minion dies before he has a chance to hit anyone)
  • Plutonic Wall (all it does is prolong game, has some nice combos but it is opposite of what you are trying to do, spikes does same thing just better)
  • Killing spree (lol no comment)
  • Fire Crush (rush deck does not exist, maybe when you level it enough to one shot fat minion)

What to use in deck and why:

  • Flaming weapon (It does a lot of igniting, best used on a one swordsman you have and possible if he does not have an aggro. It will also help you keep top lane safe if you stacked all your mobs on bottom lane. Last use is to bait a dispel so you can use “Flaming Coat” on another mob)
  • Flaming Coat (Very low damage only to use for combos. This spell has a highest spreading potential for ignite, In theory it can impact all enemy minions. You want to use it on fat guy at the back, not the one that has aggro. If you have two minions charging to enemy boss throw it on 2nd one so it burns everyone who comes to hit 1st mob, do not use this against one enemy minion unless you have nothing else to play. Best combined with igniting spell before or after. If before you can automatically make 15% HP dmg to x enemy minions, if after it gives you time to gather mana for next spell as it will reapply ignite on enemy, preparing them for final burn. Special treat is to grip all enemy minions and just before you gather them in front of you cast this, it guaranties at least two ticks of the spell on as many minions you were able to fish)
  • Fire Grip (One of the best spells to have in opening hand, this might take a little practice but aim to pull mobs in such a way that beside a tower your hero will beat them as well. Great tempo spell and at latter stages of game you can use it as a stun or to gather everyone at one place for that Flaming Coat or Meteor)
  • Meteor ?(Not that impressive, huge mana cost and friendly fire, put this in your deck instead of neutral card)
  • Scorching Ray (underwhelming damage and friendly fire, ignite is only reason why this card is any good, with that said never use it on its own just in combination with other igniting spells or Hero ability)
  • Fireball (Great to snipe buffed minions, archers or priests. At latter stages of the game you want it because of the aoe ignite it does. Best used to snipe swordsman and burst ignite to all mobs around him)
  • Lava rift <3 ( Nice AOE range nice dmg and has an ignite, what more do you want. Avoid using this on one minion; predict a path of enemy and use it to hit as many mobs as you can. For the love of God do not miss everyone, happens to me way too often :slight_smile: )
  • Subvert Magic <3 (Great sniping spell for that pesky Mordrake leechers. Keep in mind that spell description in game is not accurate and this does additional damage to ignited enemies as well not just on those that have buff. Example if target has nothing it does 30% dmg, if target has buff it does 60% dmg, if target has buff and ignite it does 90% dmg. Sadly it does not have an ignite it self :frowning: )
  • Dragon’s Breath <3 ( Ignites up to 6 minions, this is huge followed with Hero ability and it also has nice dmg enough to one shot archer and it is aoe spell that you do not have to aim with. If this spell would cost 8 mana it would still be worth it. Try not to use it against one enemy in the map and use it in combination with other igniting spells)
  • Rage ? (Uffffff be careful with this one, it can actually do you a lot more harm than good. I would use it when there is a clean path between you and your goal and your opponent is low on mana or just throw aoe stun spell, it can be fun and contribute to some really fast wins, but I would not suggest it for everyone. Again if you have 3 mobs charging cast rage on last two and leave 1st mob to tank not to do damage)
  • Eruption (Ruul lacks damage, this spell has huge dmg if well placed. If you do not know when, place it on top of 2+ spawns at time 12sec/32sec/52sec to hit at least one minion guaranteed with last eruption. Perfect combo with infernal spikes, where you pull as many mobs into it, before last eruption. Keep away from main mob paths as it does friendly fire)
  • Infernal Spikes (It is there to combo it with eruption/meteor and stop annoying charge late game. You will need it as your damage potential is not that high and enemy will charge a lot more often. In start you can use it to drag enemy minion close to your tower or boss)
  • Fire Chain (again charge is a big problem and this will somewhat stop it. It has a bit randomness so it is always good time to cast it if there is more than one enemy minion up. No need to combo it although I love to use it as extra debuff for extra dmg on Subvert Magic)

Some additional tips

Now that you know what spells to use, keep in mind that every of these spell is underwhelming on its own. Try to combine them as much as possible. Play few practice games to see what is your favorite follow up combo, is it a scorch ray followed by lava rift, or grip to flame coat. There is a lot of combinations and only if a lot of ppl start playing Ruul we can find what works best.

Never throw your spell just to be low on mana. instead wait let your mobs tank, let your tower tank even let your hero tank if that will mean a bunch of enemy minions in one place ready to be two shot. Be patient, learn when you can defend without throwing any spells, this part is pure instinct / experience but you will get there. You might even try to save up to 20 mana after placing your first spawn. See what will happen then, how easily can you kill whatever opponent throws at you (if you survive that long :wink: ).

I wish you farewell now with this video from when I first started playing Ruul. It is one playing session recorded so it is a really long video, but it has awesome music and 26 wins in a row with Ruul so it might help you.

Thx to everyone from POY clan and Malvolio.
Also special thx to Cubear, Tylo, JazBKN, DzejDi, Ezdrial, bot and lepaBrena (sorry if I forgot someone) for being great opponents and helped me improve my game.



Nice breakdown! And, you are welcome :wink:



That banner looks damn wicked.

P.S. Guide is pretty awesome too :blush:




Very cool guide, I might just try Ruul now :smiley:


Nice one. It’s always a pleasure :smile:


Great stuff m8


Since I’ve read this guide my Ruul game has improved conciderably, great guide cheers for doing it. :+1:


Made a few changes to guide as there was a new patch that nerfed Ruul a lot. And also because I got few more spells to test.

If you are looking to what has changed in short:

“I will make this really easy for you, forget that there is an option for archers or swordsmen , you want a BFF (best fat friend) as your ally in battle.” -Not true
Go swordsman

"Cards to avoid:

  • Infernal Spikes You should have it now.
    Added Plutonic wall, Killing spree, Fire Crush as bad cards

"- Flaming Coat"
Removed heart :), way less dmg now. First to drop from the deck

Now good spells are: infernal spikes and Eruption. And ofcourse Fire Chain <3