Global Ranking question


In the Global Ranking ladder does winning against a much higher rung or losing against a much lower rung make a difference in how much you rise or fall?


And can we have a red arrow for falling as we have green for rising in the ladder?


It makes huge difference, at least at top5 lvl. I estimate that one loose equals to 10 wins at that point. Just last night I lost two games in a row one against rank 5 (I was rank 3) that one did not change any thing, then I lost one more from rank 20 and I dropped to rank 9.
And I noticed that if I am rank 2 and you are rank 1, lets say you win 100 games a day and only lose from me, even if I play 10 games a day and occasionally lose as long as I always win against you I will rank one really soon.

One more thing to keep an eye on is that it looks like it is not refreshing ladder right after your match.


Thankyou for the information.


yeah, there’s definitely some lag between the match and when your ladder changes. Would love it if they made the ladder score transparent. Other game I’m playing just gives you a point score and tells you how many points you earn/lose per match.
Playing against someone near your level is a low point match, but playing against someone many ranks apart is a high point match.