General view on update


Well been keen at playing and decided to give a post on overall view.

General gameplay.
Well overall it’s still the great experience we all know and love, new players should fit and adapt well. For longer standing players we know what we had and we know what we lost so kinda double edged there. I feel you have sacrificed some of the variety of combos we had at our disposal I stand by earlier comments I’ve made on this, people are sooner rather than later have pretty much identical decks would love to see spells added following direction your heading in the semi character overhaul. ( EG powers for ameryl and Valen) so on that note character run through…

Ameryl… I like that she is now what you would call a fast attack caster. You can really get her rolling with right placement of spells, there is a drawback tho I feel she is maybe a tad underpowered at times even when fiddling with combos in deck maker her damage gauge never really goes anywhere it’s stuck at bottom somewhat. She may need a few new spells that pack a kick just so she has a bit more variety.

Mordrake… No power change so nothing there to say, I’d say that mordrake is pretty much same as always a tough beat at times he’s in my opinion one of the more power casters. He’s lost all life stealing abilitys which kinda sucks but I do like that the other casters and himself included have better options to combat his abomination more with the exception of ameryl as she really has next to nothing to hit that thing with all others do tho so maybe once again she needs something.

Ruul… well he was once my fav caster but yeah he lost a few combos I loved. He’s still a powerhouse in my eyes, can be a tough opponent if played right. Like mordrake not too much of a change here same power and same badass as always.

Valen… the new guy on block, well this caster is a good one he’s now taken ameryls stun so play him like you used to ameryl and alls good. Here in this deck we have our 2 new spell. I cannot help but feel dissapointed typing that… 2… 2 new spells. I feel we were all expecting a new caster with a whole new set so there’s your dissapointed factor there all in all he’s a good caster and you have done well his 2 new spells are good, handy indeed.

So in closing… the update has been good nice new battlefields and slight animation changes intros ect. Dissapointing on the back step on variety has to be my most critical comment. I really feel all casters need some new spells after this update to now offer more variety in how players set up combos. Introducing a new character and splitting up cards available and only adding 2 new cards was a huge dissapointment. Although yes he’s cool and unique a new character sounds like a new set of spells not just a shuffle and 2 added. Just my opinion tho. I cannot wait to see new characters you have given us a peek at they look cool, I think I’m gonna like Tree looking dude and a new set of earth style spells would look amazing as this has got to be one of the best looking games out there. I’d suggest a ice themed character, special ability would be a freeze wave that slowed opponents for a few seconds would fit well I feel also spells that slow, ice spikes, ice armour, ect there’s plenty to offer when you go fire vs ice. So for now keep up great work you have one of the best games out going here I think all players will agree. I hope that this has helped in some way. But I will say it is again only my opinion.

See you on the field (AUS)DRAGS3840


The changes to main menu I know were intended to make easier but really became confusing, at first I thought card unlock list was gone but only after 5 days of clicking home screen did I realise it’s still there.


Thanks buddy for the extensive feedback, I’ll make sure it lands in the right hands. Expect a new update with some balance changes on monday/tuesday and let us know wether is has improved some of the points you’ve mentioned here.


Thankyou for response,

Been thinking of a themed character as previously mentioned

Ice queen.

Special… ice wave slows enemy minions for a few seconds.

Ice spikes… A damage spell of damage comparison of say fireball. Small area spell.

Ice armour… self explanatory like flame armour.

Ice weapons. Self explanatory like flame weapons or blessed weapons could go either way or make ice armour like blessed weapons multi target.

Yeti guy. A big creature to match abomination.

Snow storm. A area spell that makes enemy minions attack each other for a few seconds.

Ice lake. Area spell enemy minions slide to outer perimeter of circle and are slowed or stuned for a few seconds.

Freeze. Single target spell that holds and cleanses status effects.

Ice wall. Like other already present wall spells

Call of the yeti. A area spell like rage but instead of the speed up a fair attack and defence boost.

Ice warrior. Sort of like overload I guess but maybe defence instead of attack.

And my fav… ice mirror. Create a mirror image of minion that lasts until original target is killed. Or is permanent. Could go either way.

This is just a concept I put together while looking at current spells. I don’t know please tell me what you think of idea.


With those ten you could shuffle in some say lightning commons a speed up or charge spell and bam nice new character that would be on par with what we have and 10 new spells with similar effects that are already there I guess artwork and that sort of work would be hardest.


For me frost sounds much better than ice :).
But there are few good ideas I would like to see implemented. And as I would like more unique spells than copy of what we already have my vote goes to Ice Lake and snow storm ;).


Please see edit on ice mirror like sound of frost too


If you want unique spells…

Alright go some sort of egg that has a timer say 1 spawn round if not destroyed it hatches into a huge creature. If destroyed it causes area damage as it does so.
It would play as follows you could place smart and get creature. Or you could purposely throw in hostile area for area damage.

To fit ice theme or frost make it a crystal egg or something as it explodes it’s shatters into ice shards that hit enemy in a circle fashion.

There’s a idea that’s new.


As far as other elements go I could easily think of a Forrest character theme with maybe two unique spells, a water with same amount. A wind character I could also probably do as well. But I’ve already given away enough good ideas for today. Lol


Ok. I’ve come up with 2 unique wind style spells, 2 Forrest style, and 2 water style. If a developer would like to hear ideas please let me know. All would be very unique compared to what’s on offer and could fit game well.