Fresh start on iphone+comments


Fresh start I made from Croatia. Changed iphone settings, and downloaded it from app store. ingame purchases are great. many options for player. great choice, 6 different quantities, and 3 chests :smiley: I like starter pack . nice price/quantity ratio.

FRESH start from scratch after having top50 acc and all cardsopen and hyped…difficult. At the moment im Lvl 7.

Proper timing and applying strategy on beginners is worse than cheating, I shit you not.

Big difference in resistance and cards is nothing without timing in cards usage. I have returned from bottom and won lost fights. I really hope they will watch and learn from earlier fights.
now at L7 I get lot of action, highest lvl I fought is 13-14. not many cards available. Timing is critical, for spawns and for card usage. proper use WILL SAVE you at least 5-10 mana points. I did stall with cards usage and saw how minions and spellcaster defend themselves.

Skiping intro should be added. That is a must do! Also, option to recover earlier account from android or iphone also must be added before intro starts. Intro should be optional. And add more trainings for spellcasters. With rewards ofcourse. No-one want to play against BOT without reward.

Add option to watch replays on front screen. ATM they are hidden and players are not aware of them. Or put them in intro section. They must be more visible.

Disclose how players get points on leaderboard. win/loose. what goes in that number. like in football or basketball leaderboard. +2 -1 points or W3 D1 L0 points…

Disclose how players earn gold during fight. how much damage is 1 gold, how much gold worth damage is specific card :smiley:

Chains last a lot longer than before or it is because of small spellresistance IDK. Other spells are weak at L7 :wink:

Not much cards for start. That is good.

p.s. earlier known as


Look forward to challenges against you again soon.


Can’t connect with FB. Damit. I’ll call asap I do math bout that.