Feedback and Impressions - My own two cents


I decided to check the forum the other day and have been reading through what others already wrote. So I thought of sharing my own impressions as well. :smiley:

Here are my own two cents. :slight_smile:

I’m only lvl 8 so I won’t be able to share too many thoughts in regards to balance and what not so I will mostly talk about the presentation of the game both visual and acoustic.
But just to get this out of the way first - Right now (Up until my level) I’ve noticed that there isn’t a constant win-combo or overall tactic that continues to prevail for long. At least in my experience the challenge changes constantly in due to the following factors:
a) Your Level + Arsenal of spells - Each level opens up more signature spells for each hero which inevitably provide you with more and more diversion in how you decide on your overall strategy.
b) Win streaks (You start to face 1-2 higher level opponents) - Once the keys are spent yet you still wanna go another round and you eventually enter a win streak, you get pitted against tougher (Higher level opponents), while being stuck at your own level. This makes for some interesting challenges to present them self. :slight_smile: It’s definitely harder but I don’t fee like being overly crushed.

So what I wanted to talk about is (Take this a my personal review of the game or even a “first impressions”):

1. Music - So there seem to be several tracks for the main menu (And one during battle?) and they overall feel like your generic Epic-music tracks. But There still is flavor to them. I think the tracks match the over-all theme of the game well. The music doesn’t go overboard I think. Maybe you guys can compose some more tracks for the battle phase though? Maybe even try to diversify that generically-epic music?
Btw, there is one particular track that I really like. It’s in the main-menu. Sounds a tad morbid, with string instruments, some deep bass thumps and the synthesizer beeps. Absolutely love it. :grin: (This is what I’m talking about - Add some interesting touches to the tracks)

2. Sound design - I absolutely love what you guys did in this department! :slight_smile: There’s a lot of weight and umph to the spell effects. This makes the battles feel meaty and action pumped. Also you can clearly understand what spells are being used due to how differentiated and unique sounding each one is. This helps a lot with keeping the battle situation clear to the player at all times.

3. Visuals and Art style - This is highly subjective of course (“beauty is in the eye of the beholder” after all). I’m not trying to hate or anything, but I am happy that there is an alternative to other similar titles on the mobile market out there. :wink: I’m talking about style here - Definitely enjoying the high-fantasy vibe going on in the game, and how the art direction takes on a stylized approach instead of going down the cartoon route (Again, not hating.) It’s my cup of tea. As I said, it’s nice to have an alternative.

4. Gameplay and Mechanics - This game has that Civilization “Just… one more turn” thing going on haha.

  • Duration
    Matches are just long enough and yet short enough to make you feel ok with “starting all over” each time.
  • Tempo
    Each time you start a match, you’ll have decisions presented to you in the form of your initial spells. You have to decide on a strategy right from the get-go and, as I said, how you’ll approach the “problem” depends on what you start of with (Just enough RNG to keep things interesting and vitriol to a minimum). This lets you as a player be engaged with the game at all times. There isn’t a moment of lull throughout the whole fight.
  • Mechanics & Strategy
    Between the Runes, Spell, Minnions, Hero special abilities, the Mana resource and the Rune charges, AND your oppoennet working with all these variables on their side, there’s so much decision-making going on on each side that each match feels action packed and each battle is so exhilarating to play though. Not to mention how things can swing over at any time and a sound victory can easily get stolen by the jaws of defeat. :slight_smile:
    But losing doesn’t feel demoralizing. It’s easy to hop back in and try again. Even matches that last for more than 5 minutes are a great experience because in order to reach that point both player are to be very evenly matched so things get intense as hell.
  • Controls
    Control feels tight and very responsive. Really liking the fact that you can tap-tap spells or tap-drag over the target. But even the latter (Which I prefer to use) lets me land spells right on target.

So what am I trying to say here - The game feels like a premium experience. Like something I would play on my PC instead on a mobile platform. I’ve been (And still am) an avid gamer for many upon many years and for a mobile app to offer such an engaging and fulfilling experience all the while having it’s free-to-play model with it’s (IMO) light restrictions is astounding to me. I’ve tried quite a lot of mobile games and… well how to say it, there’s always something missing, you know? :confused:
(Oh and for a Heroes of Might & Magic fan like my self, Spellsouls just makes me feel like I’m playing Heroes 5 or something, just in real time instead of turn based ^^)

So much praise!
Look I’m not trying to just praise the game but you can definitely paint me impressed… The game has a stellar production in my eyes. At the very least I have a feeling that the devs are trying to stand out from all the crap offered on the mobile market and offer a complete experience for the sake of gameplay. Ya know, like a real game development studio does?

Anyway these were my “two cents” (Or a bagful of coin - sry for the wall of text).

Where are the cons?
I feel like I will have some negative thoughts balance-wise. But I’ll just have to play a LOT more until I can have a more solid opinion on that. As a whole I feel the game quite cohesive in all its elements and a complete experience. Nothing feels overly lacking to me.