Features needed

  • Larger choice of cards playable. I see the same cards played every game.
  • Guild ranking system.
  • Achievement and more unlockable stuff for your profile
  • Différent skins for your walls unlockable


There are 43 cards total. I have 42. Once you reach max lvl arena you will have chance to get all cards.
Deck is limited to 14 cards but you can use less :wink: I use few cards :slight_smile: most of players have favorite deck :wink:
for skins you are on point. more choice to customize home arena and shirts


43 cards is not enough… We need more variation in fight more ways to play the game otherway it will be boring before I reach high ranks. And I’m saying that cause I really like the mechanics, it’s the only game of that kind which has some true strategy


Would be nice to see these things implemented soon, and hopefully they are listening to us (the community) otherwise it’s ganna be sad to see the game die quickly :frowning:


Fell free to think and describe cards here :smiley: such as fury, somthing as quicksand can be managable :slight_smile: also lane swap for 1 unit instead of svetlana doing to whole line. or portal, i put it in one lane and creatures walk i nanother lane.

or booster. so far only soul construct is boosted. boost one unit, with haste or strenght or whatever…you have point about creating more cards…i really hope they listen and read here :smiley:


Crear un mejor interface de la guild ,además de tener un sistema de luchas entre miembros de la guild sin perder trofeos


I don’t think so they really care about players. In past they already change all game to different and don’t listen to players who play it before. They loos all time and money.


I would like to have an option that alows to delet some treasure box that you dont need


Agree with that. Already write feedback about this. That will be really best.