Feature - Smaller zoom in / zoom out zone


This is not a bug, but might a be a feature. Not sure how often this happens to other ppl but for me it is often enough to say something.
Problem is that when I play on tablet, holding it in one hand and playing with other hand, thumb of the holding hand sometimes slips slightly to screen. When that happens instead of throwing a spell I want I get zoom out, so I have to remove thumb re cast spell and eventually zoom back in. (I know fat fingers)
I hate to propose solutions to professionals, but this time I will do it anyway :).
Leave zoom in / out in the middle of the screen and disable it around the edges. Thx


I am one of those offenders as well, we’ll see if more people are annoyed by it - I can push it to our PM’s :slight_smile:


Same happens to me few times :S


Happened to me as well couple of times, especially on S7 edge.


Doesn’t matter its same on IOS…


wait, is there a need to zoom at all? the default visibility of the board is fine. I would just lock the camera…


Yep. It happens to me. Pretty rare though. Playing on iPad Air 2. I don’t use zoom or pan except by accident. If there was an option to turn it off i would.


I find personally the movement of screen left and right is annoying like why? Why can I scroll left and see behind my caster there’s never anything there I think camera should be fixed to one position no need for a zoom feature as games fast paced and really how many players out there purposely use zoom I’d say next to none.