Faulty controls and spell delay


I dont know if anyone else has been experiencing this but lately I have been some really faulty controls. It has caused me to lose a big number of games and im not sure what is happening. all of this occurs while i am in a match

some problems I have are.

Extremely stiff cards in the hand. when i drag a spell from the hand it starts to resist my efforts and often goes in the wrong place as to where i wanted it. i assure you it is not the accuracy of my hand.

Very long spell delay. when i go to place the spell it takes a long time before the spell actually activates. Im not sure if this is my phone data or wifi but this is also occurring.

If i am waiting to use a judgement at the right moment the spell will cast whether I released my finger from the screen or not.

Spell not going in the correct location at all. this is similar to what i already named but I thought id list it anyway.

This is very frustrating and I will appreciate it if anyone has an answer.


We should play :smiling_imp:

Did not have that problem. Cannot use card “holy spear” if i don have enough mana. Some other cards too. Not troll just some cards allow delay in order to get enough mana and then activate. Spear is not one of them.


Try reinstalling game with latest patch.

Or restart phone.
Or maybe internet is bad.

:wink: I cannot hit right magic when Im drunk or high.


Try playing only with data transfer, don’t use WiFi…that’s what i’m doing :slight_smile:


I had that problem on android prior to last patch, but looks much better after last patch.
What device you play on. Btw ipad was working fine when andoroid did not on same internet. And I would say it is not internet because even when you lag you can cast spells, or move icons around this is more like game is frozen and you cannot literally do anything.
But do try to play on different internet and see if there is any improvements.
(also for me colors would change in game when that happens, red turn into green something like that)


I play on iphone 5c. Im going to try everyones suggestions and if that does not work then I guess I can do nothing. Yeah what you described sounds like what keeps happening to me. its a weird glitch!


Yeah we shoud practice together. What do you need to set up a private match? Ive yet to use that feature.
when im drunk I dont play because I dont wanna screw up. as for high XD idk


think you should be friends on Facebook and link your game account to facebook


Search Milan Matejic on facebook and send me FR. After that connect game with FB and we can see each other online time and request match.

Btw I like new instructions. Great improvment for new players