Epic Giveaway starts soon!


Hey Summoners,

Another challenge is coming your way and this time, you only have 5 battles to win! Yep! You read that right! And if you win you will get bunch of epic cards! We think that’s pretty sweet.

Get in the game and start practicing now, trust us, you will need it!


-See you in battle.

The best of best. Its true

tried twice and failed :frowning: so far not good.

hope next event will be better for me


Good. I love this game


Hi everyone! The event is back in the game for this weekend only!

Rules are the same: win 5 battles and get bunch of epic cards as a reward.

See you in battle!


Tried once. 4/5 61 cards won. 1 epic 6 rare 54 common and 500 gold. for 20 gems fee peize is great. did not use extra life for 70 gems. perhaps 2 lives should be in event…
Won all games by narrow margin. Not a single one was clean sweep. Had to play tactical all way till the very end. Intense matches. Liked it very much.




สวยพี่สวย 555


Nice game
I like this




good dame


Nice. Game


Nice game,I like this every day


PiggyMan have very fun.


Nice game
Very fun


Got bih chest 490 gems with 900 stacked. 93 rare ones and many many common ones. nice combo, will for sure help.

played once and got 2 epic cards, 10 rare with 90 common. games are hard to win. each of them. no easy kills. yes lost one game and used extra life but it ws worth it. hint: put scarab card in deck, quite useful in IV and V battle.


Nice, this game is so addictive


It should be just 20 not 20 to continue, and 50 to start from the begining it’s too much,I’M a beginner and won 2 matches then lost a match and don’t have gems to continue or even start again , at least make it 3 or 5 to continue and 10 or 20 to start AGAIN from the begining not 50


The combat mamatches are totally unbalanced. That makes me mind about game not being fair, this event only exists to make you spend all your diamonds. They promisse 5 vicotries. But with 2 lives its impossible. Completely not fun.



second chance 4/5 victories. second try is without epic cards. rare and common only. system does not reward you second time like in first try :frowning: hoped for another round of epic cards.