Double Spell Cast


This happens mostly with Saving Grace, but it actually happened with Chain Lightning too. Sometimes after you cast one of these spells, the animation and the effect happen, and then ~0,2 seconds later, the animation and effect happen again, as if you cast 2 of the same spell in a row. Happens about once per 25-30 games to me personally, not very frequent.

I suspect the bug could have something to do with the fact these spells have multiple effects and one of those effects is slightly delayed, and then maybe a glitch in network traffic could make it resolve awkwardly. Server doesn’t realize client already started resolving the spell (because it didn’t finish yet) so it sends the information to cast it again.

edit: I’m playing from an iPhone 6s + , with up to date iOS


it sounds like netcoding. haven’t seen it tho.


Good catch! Thanks for sharing this! So just to be clear, your mana is affected as well? Could you maybe try to remember approximate time and opponent name if this happens again? It would help us a lot. Thanks!


I don’t remember the mana, I think it happened once to myself, once to a human opponent, and a couple of times vs the bot in a practice match. The bot actually got multicasts too!

I will keep you updated with more details when it happens again.


Happened again, but this time with Charge. I’m not sure if this is the same problem, since what might have happened was that the charged minion died before it got hit, thus initiating the second charge - which is somewhat understandable mechanically - but the spell still appeared twice in the enemy “played cards” column.

It happened at 12:38 PM today, in a practice match around 1:48. Check out the image below.


Ive just had this happen to me. I got 2 righteous smashes. If the developers are able to see it. i will provide information below. I got the effect and the damage of the spell too. It was literally two casts, one immediately after the other. its still possible in the game.
Me = Sunlight Queen
Opponent = Thor
Time in game ( the match) = 1.59 minutes.
About 3 minutes ago from when i posted this.
device = iphone5c with latest IOS

Cheers nordeus.