Donating rare cards counts the same as common


just a small whinge. i donate a lot of rare cards, which makes my donation count look terrible comoared to others who donate a lot of common cards.
could we please change to a points system so you get 10 points for a rare or 1 point for a common?
seems pointless tallyinh donations if you arw going to treat rare and common as the same value.


+1 full support for this to be implemented


I did not pay attention to this, but it does not sound fair.


+1 I’ll also agree with this


Ok donations might be bugged yesterday my count was 700 plus donated today it reads 692. So how the hell does that work considering today I donated more again?


same here. maybe counter sums period of time and as time passes by, dufferent days are summed in total. ill wait for admin reponse