Does anyone know how chest prices (in gems) are determined?


I’ve been wondering about this for the past 2 days, and I can’t seem to get a hang of it. The prices of chests seem to vary vastly from time to time, and so far I didn’t manage to determine why, or pick up on any pattern regarding it at all.

Example: after a recent victory I won a fancy chest that costs 3 keys or 210 gems to open. Half an hour later, I caught myself browsing through my profile again, and to my amazement - it now cost a mere 40 gems to open the same chest ( which I immediately did of course ). My key timer didn’t reset, nothing bad happened - I just got it for cheap somehow. Maybe this was some sort of daily bonus that happens at midnight? Maybe they get cheaper the more time that passed since your last purchase? Maybe it’s somehow tied to your level, or your progress in some way … It could as well be a bug, I guess …

Anyone has a clue?


Not an expert, but from what I concluded so far. Each time time you use crystals to buy keys (open chests) price for the key goes up, for regular chest it will look something like 10 crystals 1st, 2nd 20 crystals 3rd key 50 crystals etc. than next day (might be midnight) price get reset back to 10 crystals per key and process repeats.


That’s it, I just tested it, and the price of the weakest chests does get bumped by 10 crystals every time you buy one. I find it unusual that the difference for the fancy chest was that big though! I guess the bigger they are, the larger the increment by which it grows.


Right now the cost is always “per key”. And it increases by 10 cristals “per key”. So if you are in 30 gems / key, and you have a chest that costs 3 keys, then it would cost 90. If you open another chest with 30 gems, then the cost will be 40, which means the cost of the 3 key chest would be 120.


So it is actually more beneficial to buy keys for ‘large’ chest, because I would expect price to be higher for each key. If chest has 3 keys and you are in 30 gems,in my head cost would be 30c + 40c+ 50c, 120c total. Good to know that this way we save 30c. Now we just need to resolve mystery of how you get large chests.


This makes a lot of sense, however what still confuses me is why the 3 key chest cost 40 gold after the “reset”. Maybe I don’t remember it as well as I think, and it was 60 gold + I spent a key, who knows, I will save 3 different chests for tonight and test it I guess :slight_smile:

And as far as the chest quality goes, I think you get the most common one for losing, while you get any of the 3 better ones for winning, randomly. The chance to get the 3 key one is quite low though, I only got it once so far.


Actually your guess was right. If you are on 30 gems / key cost and you have a chest that needs 3 keys, the cost will be 30+40+50 = 120, and not 30+30+30 = 90


I believe this is correct - with one additional tidbit. While for one key chests the price grows simply from 30g to +10g per purchase you made - You get the minimum expected price for 2 key and 3 key chests the second time you buy after midnight - not the first. The first time you buy them, you get an additional, hefty discount. This is why it’s best to save big chests to be the first thing you open after the reset.

Case in point: just after midnight, the 2 key chest (artisan) cost me 30 gems to open. After buying that one, the next 2 key chest cost 70 gems, which aligns with the 30 + 40 to start with theory. I suspect the next one would be 90 gold, and so forth.

The first purchase of a 3 key chest (splendid or deluxe?) after midnight cost me a mere 40 gold - so this is where you get the biggest discount for the first purchase. I imagine the second one would be 120 (30+40+50), and then every next purchase after that is 30 gold more than the previous one.

Also, it appears that if you don’t have enough keys to open a multi-key chest, the key will always knock off the most expensive “key slot” in terms of gem price first. So if the artisan chest costs 70 gems (30g+40g), with one key it will cost 30g.