Create a Guild for 1000 gold


Hey Summoners!

What is the point of smashing another opponent with crazy combos and not letting them get near your portals - unless you can brag about it in your Guild and make people feel bad about their poor battle skills. There is no point, right?

Well, we know there isn’t any, so we decided to make things even cheaper for you and change the cost of Guild creation. You can now create one for 1000 gold. Yes, we know, we are the best!

Share your Guild names and details in this thread if you need more players to join!

Let’s kick off with some good old guild butt-kicking!

Note that this offer will last for 2 weeks only!


my guild name INDIAN RISERS


Guild name FrontSeatSquad


Dark Realm, sejam bem vindos!


Underworld guild is waiting for you! Join if you wanna have some fun :laughing:


My guild
name junior260km


My guild mane is miceking


Best In SA. South African players unite… The rest of the world is welcome too.


So, if i don’t have any friends on my friends list, how do i invite players to join my guild?


they should be able to search for your guild and send request, no invitations needed


عضو پرشین وار شو جمع بچه های ایرانی
(persian war)


Kiev winners Guild


Hey! A new active US guild recruiting members of any level! Name: PrimeMinisters


see you on battlefield. good luck. add me on fb milan matejic so we can play friendly games. best regards!!!


Somos uma Guilda Brasileira, voltada para companheirismo e evolução dos jogadores e do clan…




my guild is Valhalla, for north africa player


Join my guild people “mind of madness”


Моя гильдия Deadly Squad беру всех


Вступайте в активный клан Deadly Squad нидет набор активных игроков


Just found that is 1000 gold and not 1000 gems…damit!!! I could have owned at least 20 guilds so far :slight_smile: and be self proclaimed emperor