Confused about the Hog's Treasue Hoard


Ok! I am playing and I build up to 100%, and it says I still have to pay 500 crystals to open.

WHY? Especially if I am going to get 500 crystals when I open it.

Please tell me this isnt some CHEAP way to get me to pay $5.00 for 500 crystals, so I can then get them back when opening the hoard.


i didnt find any. there are online to be found cheats on this game but have not tried them.


bom poderia diminuir a quantidade de gemas, 500 gemas é muita…


Agree, I also find this is not a good way to reward players. Hopefully it is an experiment and they will change it.



Hopefully someone that works on the game will read this.


It is supposed to be a gift. But why do i need to spend 500 gems for a gift ?


I have brought this up before and there’s been no response. It makes no sense to pay for something in the amount you pay you get right back so essentially if you haven’t accumulated that many gems to open the chest you’ll never be able to open it


YES you are correct.

It appears to be a shady cash grab.