Community opinion! Is Mordrake over buffed?


So after playing this game quite consistently and looking at other players decks ( top 20). Mordrake seems to be insanely popular. It all seems to be the same carbon copy deck as well. It turns out I may have been wrong with placing Mordrake at the lowest spellcaster . I’m very close to saying he is the best but I can’t be sure. Although I faced a lot of morkdrakes in the past two weeks ( maybe 70% of players are using Mordrake) I can’t help but think he has some really overpowered spells. I usually win against him but it’s probably just me knowing what to do against him. I feel so disadvantaged when using other spellcasters. I think his sacrifice , wall of pain , link and posssesion are really over powered. I think sacrifice needs some damage alterations . Sacrifice level 8 beats a brawler minion with inspiring presence on it. His wall of pain has a good effect but it’s range and mana cost are ridiculous in my opinion. 2 is very little and it makes a lot of his previous spells completely inferior to take in such as his curse of undeath. His link is not too bad but if the minion dies then it finds another target which is a bit much. My only problem with possession is that if that minion has a effect on it then the other player gets to use the effect against you which is unfair. Spell casters stealing spells and abilities completely defeats the point of picking that spellcaster. So what do you guys think ? Is Mordrake over buffed? I kinda think he is a tiny bit. But maybe I’m wrong. It’s just I see a lot of people using him I can’t help that wonder why. # Mordrake # Spellsouls # love nordeus.

New update 1.2.0

Yes Mordrake 2 strong!
Think you described spells pretty good so no need for me to explain why I think so.
And this is from Ruul perspective.
Just to mention that all top ranked players are Mordrake, since PanicStation and Cuber aint playing right now so they keep their rank, and I kept my rank by not playing when Malvolio Kika and Tylo play :slight_smile:



Speaking of carbon copies, not sure if you read my post here My impressions so far , but what you say here sure feels like one :slight_smile: I’m not trying to be an ass - in the end, I’m glad we are starting to agree on these issues, since it’s a growing sign we are not mistaken in our impression.

I was quite surprised to see you put Mordrake in last spot in your list as well. I personally think he is stronger now than Ameryl was in the previous patch.


Hey man. I’m glad we agree as well. Now that I’ve reached rank 13 on the leaderboard and I’m starting to fight the upper tier of the leaderboard. In fact I just fought you like five minutes ago. I was an Ameryl with the name Sunlight Queen. I think mordrake is the best spellcaster from level 16 and up wards. I still think Ameryl DESTROYS mordrake when it is level 15 and below. However at the higher levels mordrake is the king. I just read your post just now and it seems you agree with me on and a few points because you have made the same points. His wall of pain and sacrifice are his best spells. Many players are using the same mordrake deck which makes me question if having the ability to see other players decks was a good decision. If players could not see others decks then it means they have to think for themselves. It appears to me that they are just coping others decks ( the high levels ) . There are a few ruuls ( 4-6 ) and like 3 Ameryls ( me and two others guys) in top 20. The rest is mordrake. I’ll keep up to date on your posts and we discuss this game further as we present new ideas and as new patches come out. Cheers Malvolio


Look, you people need to stop this.

All three of the spell casters can be difficult to run into.

Ameryl, Ruul, and Mordrake all have powerful spells and when used correctly can be incredibly dangerous. There are situations where I can make only two mistakes, times when I cannot make a single one, there are situations where I am simply outmatched in power, where I cannot get a spell that I need, when it comes a moment too late.

There are times when I grab my one chance and turn a nearly hopeless situation into a victory.


Are you serious ? We are dedicated Spellsouls fans that love to talk about the game. The developers introduced us to this page for a reason. TO GIVE FEEDBACK AND DISCUSS THE GAME. If you don’t like it then leave, it’s simple. There is no need to criticise others for caring about a game and talking about it amongst ourselves. Nobody is forcing you to look at this so why even be here. Others have agreed with me that Mordrake Is strong so saying they are all the same just makes you appear in denial. # SPELLSOULS.


I used to play World of Warcraft. I was a healer and a damage dealer.

The one thing I could not stand was people constantly complaining about how one class or type was way overpowered.

Take a Druid Healer. Druids have the ability of transformation.

Druid healers have a tree form. It used to be permanent like the other forms. When we transform into a tree it screams I am the top healer, come take me out first. We have maximized defensive power and healing. We sacrifice attack, it is non existent. All we can do is a weak Meelee attack. When you took a tree form you were likely going to have multiple enemies on you in a PvP combat.

But there were simple ways to stop us. You could send one player to keep interrupting our healing spells. You also could send a warlock to take away our tree form.

Instead though players did the equivalent of pounding their heads against the wall and then cried out for nerfs which were granted.

Our tree was nullified, a short time, then a long cool down period.

They went after healers multiple times, we figured out how to cope and they wanted to hit healers again, our self healing was cut so we could not heal ourselves as good as others. they went after warlocks, they went after priests, mages, tanks, damage dealers, when a class or type seemed to be on top or had some annoying ability then they were targeted. Really it was just a matter of figuring out how to do it but most did not want to take the time to figure it out and Blizzard caved in way too often.


You have completely missed the point of this post. Smh !


This is not a lynch mob :), neither we are requesting some changes (yet).
We are just throwing an opinions, we might be wrong of course and if some disagrees it is always good to have a healthy discussion. Just keep it civil :wink:


Too early to tell. I feel we barely scratched the surface of this game in terms of strategy. I don’t think that Mordrake is too OP, well maybe a little, it’s just that the other 2 spellcasters has a higher learning curve and Mordrake is more noob friendly imo. I’ve fought some really good Ameryl players and a few Ruul players that I’m having a hard time winning against using my Mordrake.


Thanks for sharing your opinion. Always great to see more input on the community page! :blush:


Hey Guys ,

This Meta is Kinda funny. I tried so much different things cards strategies and more. And i was around Rank 20. now I just play a single Mordrake deck and I’m rank 4 atm losing rarly. I rly don’t know what exactly is op sacrifice or other spells. But 1 thing I know is that mordrakes spell works perfekt together if u don’t make mistakes nobody can beat u atm.

Just saying from rank 40 to rank 4 in a couple of hours with mordrake

Sry for my bad English.

Cheers Ez


I agree with Ezdrial. I was and still am playing with the Ruul. Reasons for that are simple, he is the coolest character after all. At some point i realised that 80% of people are playing with necro and I started having real difficulties to beat higher lever Mordrakes, so I started practicing and after while started to play with necro myself. And like Ezdrial said in just couple of hours I was rising from rank 40 to 13. No doubt about it, if you use spells right at this stage of the game Mordrake is unbeatable. Anyways, I like Ruul, so I started playing him again and I am trying to find other ways to beat necros players with exception of Malvolio and Kika that really kickass :slight_smile:


Absolutely like me. I don’t give a single fuk about my rank. I will continue to play my Bae Ameryl and want her to play Perfektly and rek every Mondrake. I managed alrdy to win against Molvolio when I was ameryl and he was mondrake it is possible but u need to play a clean game. Overall maybe the other spellcasters need buffs?!.


At a high level, ALL spellcasters need to play nearly perfect in order to win. Regarding the sacrifice spell, it just has the potential to be way too punishing on the opponent. The sacrifice spell in the hands of a really good players Is OP and is very punishing on the opponents army am doing you can do nothing about it. The sacrifice spell in the hands of a less experienced player is not OP. No spellcaster should be impossible to beat if you play perfectly or not. Everyone should have strengths and weaknesses. Just my opinion.

Cheers Sunlight Queen.


I’ll continue to play Amerly for the same reasons you play Ruul. Just because I like her the most. Mordrake is awesome but when I played him I felt like I did not really have to think. He is strong.


Reduce suicide strenght spell of mordrake, at least 60%-70%. It cannot be debuffed and killing 4-5 minions with suicide…it will kill game itself.


Yeah reduce the strength of the spell and maybe put a 3 second delay on it before the minion dies. It needs something to make it weaker. In my opinion it should not stay the way it is!


Look I do not mind godly minion or brawler who can take out 3-5 my units. I am good with that. I support that. Even for game like this you must do that in reasonable amount of time. Godly unit abomination is xxxtra strong, juiced to the gills with 1 weakness. Slow. Aaaand cost a hell lot. And you need dead minions to ressurect him. He can tske two three units out alone or drain damage on front.
Suicide takes out ALL upper or lower battle line in a second. No delay nothing. That card is gamechanger and should cost like abomination or more or be significantly weakened. You can compensate loss of 2-3 units once in game. Not more. I battled dulac and use of suicide changes tide of battle. Or you can give overpowered and underpriced card to other two spellcasters. Ok two mordrakes are match for each other, to be clear :slight_smile:


So it seems like the general consensus is that Mordrake is over buffed due to the sacrifice spell. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who thought this! I’m starting to get the feeling that sacrifice = the new punish arrogance. The sacrifice just has a lot of perks going for it. Great range, starts immediately without no delay, high damage that one shots a lot of things, low mana cost and no limit as to how many minion you can destroy . I really hope that Nordeus are watching these posts and at least listen to us and hear us out. I think we have all given logical and fair reasons as to why Mordrake is kinda over buffed. I wanna thank everyone who replied to my post and gave their opinion. we all care very much for this game and only want to see it more balanced . This game has excellent strategy but it’s annoying fighting the same Mordrake deck everytime. Expect more posts from me on how I feel about the game. I do not see myself getting bored with this game. It’s so fun.

Sunlight Queen

Mordrake # Spellsouls.