Chest timer changes


Hi everyone,

Some of you who have been here for a longer time know that we’ve been constantly modifying and tweaking our chest system. The big change occurred when we made the transition from key-based to timer based opening of the chests.

Today we’re announcing a small tweak - based on your feedback:

  • We’ve reduced the time needed to open Big chests from 20 hours to 12 hours, as a lot of you felt punished by the fact that big chests take up a slot for such a long period of time.
  • To balance it out, we’ve increased the small chest opening times from 1 hour to 3 hours

Our goal is to effectively provide you opportunities to play more and receive more loot.

Please share your feedback with us, as it’s crucial to improving Spellsouls and creating a better experience for all of us.


#Dylan. dog
Nice change. Can you make chest opening a “little” less costly. It cost less to take girl to a drink than to open ingame chest :trololo:

small chest could have been left the same time since it gives 30 times less cards than big chest.

Will there be new chests? What are criteria’s on which chests are won in aftermath…1-10-30 and timer 3-8-12. Perhaps 1hr is not bad idea to left it so. medium chest is 8hrs which is good, best time for cards ratio :sunny: . Introducing new chests and limited chests in limited period of year…new year eve, Halloween chests, Easter eggs chests, time change chest in spring and autumn, solo epic, common, rare chests…with different opening time will help balance time.
and big number of cards will itself prevent players from cheating and letting other friend win since they cannot predict which cards and chests will be inside chest.


#Dylan dog
please add option to reset chest opening and start another chest. if I change my mind after I win chest or so…also as a player I bear risk to make mistake and cancel opening 1 minute before, after waiting for several hours.


I’m not too sure on this. The small chests are fine where they were. Since I have VIP active you are telling me it will take 6 hours to open. I think this change is unfair to VIP uses as half chest time is the biggest incentive for choosing it. Now it’s a thing that everyone has, I kinda feel ripped off for buying the VIP. I think change the medium chest to 6 hours and that Is fair. as a VIP user I feel a little cheated by this change.

I think if you gave the VIP more stuff, like more chest slots and higher chance getting a guaranteed epic chest then this change is justified. Just my two cents.


3 Hours?
O!M!G! I think 3 hours fine chest opening time that too long for 3 chests slots.


#Dylan dog
Laevateinn> indeed too much time for 15-20 cards…hope it will be returned to normal :smiley: sunlight is premium user and his point there is great too. I did not have experience with -50% time.


the second change is too stupid , only 3 chest slots but more than 3 times gems to unlock fine chest,how many big chest and gems you think ur game giving us??what‘s brings to non-paid users?? are you consider about them? less time for battle,but more time for open chest?


While I agree on the overall reduction of cards given to players that these changes will result in ( you guys were too generous with the patch after the keys were gone ), one thing I find awkward is that the VIP players need to play much more frequently to maximize their asset gain. I think VIP players should gain the ability to queue up their chest openings so that they can queue 2 chests in a row when they go to bed, and not waste any unlock time. Currently it takes 6 hours to open the largest chest with VIP, which almost guarantees some of that time will be wasted.

I also enjoyed being able to open small chests for 3 gems with VIP, but I understand this was a bit too good. VIP has good value, it’s just the experience of being forced to play so often that I find uncomfortable. While this could be a valid business strategy to get people into the habit of playing the game, I think there should be some outlet for those of us who don’t want to play the game that way, and I can find no better way than for that to be part of the VIP system.


#dylan dog
Malvolio for that you must make strong correlation between VIP playing and spell resistance, so VIP and more often players can benefit more and have bigger motive to play. present settings where difference between strenght is not significant and should be changed. my 2 cents


Just started playing the game and I really like the concept. However I find that the opening timers just feel awful, and perhaps a different strategy to chests altogether and get cards for wins instead of a chest you have to wait forever to open even with the VIP. I almost deleted the game as soon as I realized after winning three games I would have to spend a very large sum of gems to open chests. Also a cap on Experience and Gold earnings in a day was just weird to me. I really do like how the rest of the game works and hope you guys can find some sort of balance. My suggestion would be to have chests rare and epic that can be bought for gems and only for so many gems and for winning games earn cards instead of chests. and maybe make getting chests for winning matches a rare occurrence without a timer.


As some1 who plays on two accounts, one vip one regular. In both cases I find fine chest timer too long. And I am at point where I do not care much about cards I get, so I can imagine frustration for new players. Also biggest chest timer is too short, with vip it will open before I get up in the morning, so for me it is the same if it is 10h or 6h, just that it really bugs me knowing that i wasted few hours where nothing happens.
Again exp and gold limit can be reached in a short time with vip after which I have no reward for playing, well obviously I am gonna stop playing for a day after that. Again new players have a lot of catching up to do so no limit would be fine for them imo.